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Nyrthos - an indie browser aRPG - please test our Tech Demo!

14 February 2013 - 09:09 AM

Hi Everyone!


Finally, the time came for a forum lurker (myself) to have something to show here - and request your help at the same time smile.png


We're working on a game called "Nyrthos", which is an aRPG playable in internet browser and some Android and iOS devices. We're closing to the release of our first technology demo, and are looking for feedback.


In case any nice people would be willing to help us in the eternal quest to find bugs - or to just spend a few minutes testing the gameplay and letting us know their opinion - we would be awesome'd :)


PLEASE NOTE THAT THE TECHNOLOGY REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE A 3D GRAPHICS CARD; it should work ok with just about any card, but you have to have it, the software rendering mode is just painfully slow. Also, though it does not make a huge difference on most computers, Internet Explorer and FireFox tend to have the best results performance-wise.


The tech demo can be found here: demo.nyrthos.com /// the login is tester/tester. 


Also - please, don't share the demo out of these boundaries, we've just begun the first testing phase and we have quite a way to go so we don't want to spread some wrong impressions.




Nyrthos is being built in Flash/Stage3D/Starling, and looks like this (click to watch our teaser):



More screenshots can be found on our website - www.nyrthos.com


Best of all!
Martin Jelinek

BeerDeer Games