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#5097946 What is your dream weapon upgrade system for a game?

Posted by Wickedrob on 30 September 2013 - 03:50 PM

I personally liked the Materia system from Final Fantasy VII.



I loved the Materia system!

#5097944 What is your dream weapon upgrade system for a game?

Posted by Wickedrob on 30 September 2013 - 03:48 PM

It depends. In many combat games any kind of weapon upgrade would be wrong, because standard weapons are the best possible ones and anything else would be less fun (e.g. an hypothetical guided missile upgrade in Space Invaders), or because any improvement is an unfair or excessive advantage over non-upgraded opponents (e.g. an hypothetical ROF or damage boost in a pistol only FPS deathmatch).



If you want advice, why don't you explain what sort of game you want to upgrade weapons in?

Not looking for advice. I'm just asking the question above.

#5097681 What is your dream weapon upgrade system for a game?

Posted by Wickedrob on 29 September 2013 - 05:08 PM

It can be anywhere from weapon leveling up in battle with you to gathering materials to upgrade weapons or ...something more unique!

What is your dream weapon upgrading system or your favorite weapon upgrading system in an already existing game?

#5086091 Do you personally enjoy a Hero or a Villian?

Posted by Wickedrob on 15 August 2013 - 06:37 AM

Rather it be the chosen one or the tortured soul, people usually feel more connected to one than the other. Is it the Hero (the one you actually play with the whole game and venture with on the journey) or the Villian (the one who wants to conquer you, the land, the world or destroy it).

Heroes and Villians arent so Black and White anymore, not to mention theres tons of Hero and Villian archetypes: Do you like the not-so-bright but the strong hero? or The cool and suave villian?, etc.

So whats your fave? and why?


Mine: Villian! You play with the hero for the whole game and the bad guy only has to make an appearance once and you know he's going to be trouble.He could give a long, philsophic speech that makes the player question his own agendas or look you in the eye and burn down your village, either way the Villian has very little screen time compared to most on your journey but when he's on the screen he makes the most of it.And well... I have a natural attraction to bad things and doing the opposite of the law... sooo.... Lol



#5042205 Paying to enter a shop?

Posted by Wickedrob on 11 March 2013 - 11:49 PM

My gf came up with this idea, I honestly dislike it.
If the price is too high it makes the player grind more, too low and its almost pointless..
I could understand a shopping key or even randomly appearing shops but the idea of paying makes me scream wtf.
So what are your guys questions, comments or ideas?