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Why are games fun?!

27 May 2014 - 07:14 PM

Psychology, right?

Lately ive been addicted to little called Monster Manor on the 3ds. Its very simple but theres enough depth to keep me playing.(Oh btw in order to play i need to earn Play Coins which requires to me to wank my 3ds up and down hours on end -__-)

I always find my myself questioning "Why is this fun?" I have tons of other, "better" games to play but i keep coming back to this one. Is it because of its cute and colorful charm? Is it because of the real-time rpg battles? the rewarding upgrading system?? WHY!? then again whats the reason people get addicted to angry birds? LOL 

So basically im just wondering whats the bare minimum a game needs to successfully trap people? Do we even know ourselves why we fall victim to such pleasures?

A Skyrim traditional RPG

31 December 2013 - 08:14 PM

Do you think it'd be possible for a tradtional rpg (Final fantasy, Persona, Dragon quest) version of Skyrim to do well?

For one thing, You'd have to get used to the fact that every 5 steps and BAM! you're in a random battle....again.Id imagine battles wouldnt be as intense and even as much fun.For me, Its more fun being in the action then flipping through menus and waiting turns to attack.But I also know some people who like the idea of tactical RPG's and traditional RPG's better because its NOT as intense and they have time to think.

So what do guys think below?

What is your dream weapon upgrade system for a game?

29 September 2013 - 05:08 PM

It can be anywhere from weapon leveling up in battle with you to gathering materials to upgrade weapons or ...something more unique!

What is your dream weapon upgrading system or your favorite weapon upgrading system in an already existing game?

Different weapons, same end

09 September 2013 - 06:23 PM

I've been thinking about an rpg upgrade system that has you upgrade the weapon 10 or so levels. Each weapon would have their unique individual traits, but the max stats are the same (for example 100 atk). In a way I wanted to encourage people to want to find different weapons, and find their preferred ability/attribute etc, instead of just going for the strongest attack. I was wondering what the pros and cons of this idea are.

Do you personally enjoy a Hero or a Villian?

15 August 2013 - 06:37 AM

Rather it be the chosen one or the tortured soul, people usually feel more connected to one than the other. Is it the Hero (the one you actually play with the whole game and venture with on the journey) or the Villian (the one who wants to conquer you, the land, the world or destroy it).

Heroes and Villians arent so Black and White anymore, not to mention theres tons of Hero and Villian archetypes: Do you like the not-so-bright but the strong hero? or The cool and suave villian?, etc.

So whats your fave? and why?


Mine: Villian! You play with the hero for the whole game and the bad guy only has to make an appearance once and you know he's going to be trouble.He could give a long, philsophic speech that makes the player question his own agendas or look you in the eye and burn down your village, either way the Villian has very little screen time compared to most on your journey but when he's on the screen he makes the most of it.And well... I have a natural attraction to bad things and doing the opposite of the law... sooo.... Lol