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In Topic: Is it realistic to expect to make money in Unity Asset Store/UE4 Marketplace?

01 April 2015 - 07:44 AM


So as far as I can tell, you have gotten wrong information there... I wonder where this information is coming from? As a frequent buyer on the asset store I can tell you, 100% of the assets I bought imported fine (even though not 100% of them were really good in the end, but that is a different story smile.png ). I am pretty sure not all of these devs paid for the pro version of Unity, why would they if they make less than 100k$ a year selling assets (don't even know if selling assets is included in the 100k$) and do not need the pro only tools (though the profiler can certainly be useful)?


EDIT: Oh, I forgot... as you might have guessed from the text above, I have a pro license.



I did some quick googleing around, and it does look like I have had some misunderstandings with the Unity asset stores policies. If I understand correctly, if the thing sold in asset store can be imported into the project, such as sounds, models etc. then it doesn't matter if you are using free or pro version, but if you export something out of unity and then sell the stuff, you cannot mix free and pro version things? Like if something is being made with free unity, like unitypack or whatever, then being put on asset store, this cannot be used in pro version and vice versa? I guess I still might have misunderstood something.


How would something like scripts count as? You can make scripts on any text editor, but they are kind of unity specific things still. I suppose they would be just considered non-unity property.


As for free version, with Unity5 free version does include profiler as well, so you can use even profiler with free Unity nowadays.

In Topic: Is it realistic to expect to make money in Unity Asset Store/UE4 Marketplace?

01 April 2015 - 05:34 AM

Something that actually bothers me with unity asset store, and honestly I have no idea how it works is the free vs pro version. Apparently if you are using free version, you cannot sell stuff to people using pro version. Also does that mean that if you make stuff with pro version, it cannot be used together with free version anymore? This is one of those things why I have avoided using unity, because the free-pro version asset differences.


For me it is very unclear if it is possible to mix free and pro stuff together at all in any shape or form. To my understanding you have pro-version people then free-version people and there is nothing between those. In other words, if you are using pro version, you cannot use free-version assets, but can you use pro version assets with free-version of unity. 


This is one of the reasons why I have honestly avoided using unity, the whole free vs pro is very unclear unlike unreal engine 4, where the terms of use are a lot more clearer.

In Topic: From scratch vs Unity

30 March 2015 - 03:04 AM

I don't know if one should really write anything from a scratch, since there are a lot of open source projects around. Maybe rather than making one yourself, modify already existing ones or at least assemble one from already existing projects.


However after having spent some time with someone elses open sourced engines, I do understand the feeling of wanting to make something by yourself.


On unity it sometimes feels awfully awkward to just attach stuff into game objects, but I guess that is something I would get used to if I would use it more.


On unity there is one thing that keeps me of not using Unity. Unity has this everything you do in Unity, stays in Unity kind of thing. Like lets say you want to make something, but realise that unity is not really good for you, you most likely lose almost all of the work you've done. With some clever plannin ahead like using blender as a world editor etc. you might be able to save most of the stuff, but by doing so you've probably made the game in a way where you could have used any other engine as well.


On the other hand, what I do like about unity is that it is very portable, and unlike unreal, it seems to be very mobile-friendly engine. On other areas I do like unreal engine more than unity, but that is my personal preference.

In Topic: Unity 5 or Unreal engine 4

09 March 2015 - 06:17 AM

I am a noob, so my opinion might not matter much. I have only spent a week on trying out UE4 / Unity.


I have been wondering the same question the past week since both became more accessible and both free versions offer so much. I am making mobile game, so I spent some time getting something simplistic working, like custom camera that I would need. My basis of choosing unity was because it seemed to be more mobile friendly, and worked faster on my mobile phone. Until yesterday when I decided to let my friend test out something simple I made, the speed the game ran on my friends phone was quite unexpected compared to my nexus 5. The performance was just terribad, and I have been trying to revalue of things.


I personally have liked more Unreal Engines "openness". The debugging tools just feel phenomenal, not saying that unitys profiler is bad either, it is really good, but I like the fact that i can run console commands on mobile phone. Out of a box I feel like unreal offers a bit more than unity does, and the fact that you can actually export your assets out of unreal makes me feel more safe about it. Like if I made stuff with unity, there is no way to just possibly pull my project out of unity if I suddenly for example felt like source 2 would be the thing I really want to develop on. I have a strong feeling that in Source2 you can use C++. The truth is though, that I know that both of the engines are massive over kill for my small 3d game.


I like watching youtube videos for learning things, and unity has so much material in the internet. The bad thing about it is though, that most of it is out dated, although a lot of stuff has remained over the time, but a lot has changed as well.


Where I feel that unity works like charm is for importing stuff from blender to unity. With UE4 it seems bit more complicated to get working armatures from blender, but I am quite confident it will improve over time.


In my personal opinion somehow I feel to be more in control on UE4 than Unity. Also my gut feeling is that team collaboration works better in UE4 than Unity, but that probably doesn't matter to solo developers like us.


In the end it comes down to personal liking, for me my liking has started to lean more towards UE4 for some unexplained reason, although they both seem very capable for pretty much everything. Maybe my reason for going UE4 road is just having weird feeling of being a bit more safe with UE4, like the whole Free vs Pro with Unity has some possibility of being problematic for in the future, if I end up having a bigger team than going solo. I cannot really describe this fully with words.

In Topic: Looking for 3d engine suggestions for android+windows development.

04 March 2015 - 05:27 AM

Now that Unity 5 personal edition has most of the limits that have been stopping me from using unity, gone, I decided to run my test on unity as well. I put 121 units like before, boom 60 fps on unity on my mobile (Nexus 5). I pumped it up to 15x15 clones of same unit, fps starts to drop, where as in urho it still running at 60 fps. I bump this up to 400 units, 20x20 and unitys fps drops to 20, where as on urho runs at 40. I figured there is probably something that I am missing, so I check the options for unity, btw I had removed all shadows and stuff like that before, so I was only drawing the animated mesh. Finally I try to remove hw skinning, and fps goes up to 40, same as on urho. This makes me wonder if the ue4 mobile version of my test iis ounded by gpu skinning on my mobile (the fps was higher on unity/urho with 4x amount of animated units). Sadly I didn't find a way to turn of gpu skinning for my mesh in ue4 to test it out.


Also this means that most likely my test itself, like I've suspected, is bit faulty by using a lot of copies of one animated mesh. Basically it would be something like rts-type of a thing, where there are tons of simple clone units moving on a screen without having any other components like AI or navigational mesh for path finding involved. I have no idea how different would it be if all my meshes were different and/or used different skeleton for deforming.


Edit: I spent couple of hours trying to figure out the UE4 and mobile. I noticed there is a console command stat anim, that I can use to see animation things. On there it says "RefreshBoneTransforms" 25ms and SkinnedMeshCompTick = "28"ms, rest of the things were under 10ms. I chekced cpustalls, and it only showed wait for an event a lot of time and a lot of calls and sleep some time, few calls.