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#5037561 local vs world coordinate system for object manipulation

Posted by on 28 February 2013 - 05:58 AM

Thanks Nercury smile.png

^ meant simply the transpose (to get a column vector from [0 0 -1] )


To store each rotation, i'd imagine you mantain 3 angles for the object, which you modify according to user input, and from these you transform the unit vectors of the axes 

( [1 0 0] , [0 1 0] , [0 0 1])  to get the transformed orientation.


So i mantain,say,a 4x4 matrix to store the object's orientation and displacement , edit that matrix to rotate/move the object, and glRotate,glTranslate accordingly before drawing the object?

Edit: I guess I should have answered YES. I am actually not sure if maintaining transformation matrix with both rotation and translation for EVERY object has any benefits versus simply calling glTranslate, glRotate.


I meant, keeping such a matrix for every object, and calling glMatrixMult before drawing the object.

If you didn't do this, wouldn't you need to call a glTranslate and 3 glRotates for every object either way?