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A question about how to organize in code, a small game project

17 February 2013 - 12:46 PM

I have been practicing with C/C++ as well as SDL 1.2. I can follow most tutorials, without too much problem. I'm ready to move onto a small 2D game project, but I am not sure how to organize the structure of the source code. The 2D game project would be a top down game like the original Zelda or Gauntlet. Does anyone here have experience with this? Any suggestions or example code could be helpful to me.


I'm working with Windows 7 64bit, mingw (32bit) with SDL. I am using Grafx2 and Gimp for simple test graphics. I'm not focusing on asset development whatsoever at this time, just code.


So to recap, I don't have an outline or structure for my source code because I just got to where I am and I have never done this before.


Any help would be great and small easy to read examples would be even better.