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In Topic: WreckBox is physics simulation game

15 March 2013 - 02:08 PM

I'm happy to announce that we're released a webplayer version of a game.  This release contains some bug fixes of version 0.0.1 and some new things with you will be able to see at the release notes from the next update (We should post it tomorrow) .


Click for large view


One of the main things coming with this version of a webplayer is Online Saving, where our community member ( Jeddy ) make saves from tutorials. 
When you open a LoadScene dialog, you see a list of scenes, some of them are colored Red, and others not.  This means that you can open and play "Red" savings but not rewrite them(they was created by other user). By default, if you have not logged in to the forum, you been  identified as "Guest", and you can rewrite all of Guest's savings (your savings are colored white). So, tomorrow is an important day, we going to release version 0.0.2, make "next release goals", and add release notes page. And new tutorial. (I think some time later, we would add a wiki to this site). I hope you would enjoy playing new versions.