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Free Opensource JavaScript cross platform Game Engine for smartphone

20 March 2013 - 07:24 AM

I am Duong (Zuong). I would like to introduce to you Jacos2D-X, a new game engine which I have been being developed. The game engine is totally free and open source based on Cocos2D-X and JavaScript V8 platform. Jacos2D-X has the following features:

- Integrate most of Cocos2D-X libraries
- Support cross platform: Windows, iOS, Android
- Integrate JavaScript V8, a powerful engine from Google. You can program by JavaScript.
- Support binary data processing
- Allow to use CocosBuilder. It means you can drag & drop UI, Scense...
- Support remote game loading
- Debug JavaScript easily
- Consist of many interesting examples
- Distribute under MIT open source license

I am looking forward to your visit to my website at www.jacos2d-x.org for downloading and using Jacos2D-X. Your suggestions and comments are valuable to me to improve Jacos2D-X further.