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Android 2 player game - connecting

12 November 2013 - 03:45 PM

Hi All - question without the spiel in bold,


Certain forum dwellers may notice I have popped up a lot recently asking somewhat dumb questions - so sorry for that, I hope to return the favours by the time I've finished my project with things I have learnt.


I am looking at making a 2 player game (simple card game a first, maybe developing into something bigger) and am stuck at how to connect players/users.  I have done a bit of a search and found 3 things: Skiller SDK, AndEngine and Google Play Game Service.


Skiller I believe is paid for, so currently on my 'budget' is a no. AndEngine looks thoroughly complex, but may be what I'm after, and the Google Play service looks very promising but I'm not sure what "catches" there are - for starters I think it needs G+ signin?  I'm not against it, but was hoping to not limit players to having to have a G+ account (just like the Bitstrips FB limitation).


Does anybody have anything to say about these and/or other methods of connecting players?


A very basic  flow of the game will be - Player one plays a card face down and clicks done, player two does the same (this would be preferably simultaneous but doestn need to be) when both are done, cards flip over and both players see both cards. The phases will then continue as such: both players making their 'move' but the opponent cannot see what has been done until both players confirm they are done.


Thanks as always.

"Parse" and Querying

05 November 2013 - 11:24 AM

Hi All,


I have hit a bit of a snag on Android with regards to Querying a database.


I have set up an account with Parse.com which seems a very reasonable and clever solution to server hosting as a new developer.


In my set up I have 3 tables (or as Parse call them, classes) - Users, Cards, and Payer_Cards. All Users have a unique objectID, all Cards have a unique objectID and Player_Cards is a lookup between the two, containing Player ID and Card ID (not all players have all cards).


The below logic is my attempt, but for some reason I cant figure it out.  I can get the Card IDs listed based on all cards against the player ID (currentUser), but when I try to expand this to look at table 3 (Cards) it all falls apart.

public void cardList(List<ParseObject> cardList){
    	StringBuilder cards = new StringBuilder();
		for(int i=0; i<cardList.size(); i++){
			ParseObject[] cList = cardList.toArray(new ParseObject[0]);
			String cardId = cList[i].getString("CARD_ID");
					ParseQuery<ParseObject> query = ParseQuery.getQuery("CARDS");
			        query.whereEqualTo("objectId", cardId);
			        query.getInBackground(cardId, new GetCallback<ParseObject>() {
			            public void done(ParseObject object, com.parse.ParseException e) {
			                if (e == null) {
			               } else {
		TextView CardsList = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.CardsList);

The current error in my code is that "cards" isn't recognised within the if block.


Any assistance on this is greatly appreciated - I have exhausted all of my ides of how to get around this.



Android app - basic button functionality

27 October 2013 - 11:44 AM

Hi All,


I am working on an Android app, and am just learning to program on Android.  I have experience in a few programming languages, but I'm struggling to combine functionality across xml and java.


Very simple question I'm sure, but how do I make a button activate a function?  I have: "public void function(string a, string b)" with the function inside in Java, and on the xml layout I have <Button android:onClick="function(stringa, stringb)".


When I click the button i get an error saying it cannot locate method "function(stringa, stringb)".



RPG Beginner Steps - Update

15 September 2013 - 03:34 AM

Hi All,


I posted here a while back asking for tips on how to get started on building my own RPG (http://www.gamedev.net/topic/639121-rpg-beginner-steps/#entry5034690)


I had some great tips and advice, and I ended up settling on Unity. (Thanks to Olgo for the suggestion, and Moneal2001 for the links).


So, I have now been following Petey on his quest and got far enough to understand what I'm doing.  I won't go into detail as it will most likely bore you all, but I'm at a point that I wish to deviate from his teachings.  I intend to follow through the tutorials to the bitter end to make sure I pick up everything I can, (and will do so while awaiting advice from this post), but I want to do a few things different to Petey.


My first problem is equipment.  With regards to weapons and shields Petey covers this nicely, however it appears to me that equipping armour, boots, gloves etc. I will be expected to change the material on the character model.  I would like to have separate meshes for my equipment, for different shapes/looks mainly, but this will influence other aspects of my game slightly.


I can make my game just as much fun and unique without this ability, but let's face it: people want to be able to see their character wearing the gear they've equipped.


Is anyone able to offer any advice on how to achieve this? I have started off by making some meshes, however when 'docked' onto the character, they don't flex with the model, causing gross clipping errors.  I've read about replacing parts of the model (chest, arms etc.) with the mesh for the armour, but I got my character model from the asset store so imagine this is not possible?


Any and all suggestions, tips and advice is gratefully received.





RPG Beginner Steps

20 February 2013 - 02:33 PM

Hi All,


I'm a beginner/hobbyist when it comes to game development, but would like to expand my knowledge and experience in the area - I trust I've chosen the right place. :)


I am looking to have my final project as a full 3d RPG, possibly MMO (haven't decided yet, depends on the "market" when I reach that point), but I know this is a tall order.  I intend on starting small with possibly 2d/top-down RPG - think original Zelda or Final Fantasy, moving on to the likes of FF2-6/Pokemon and so forth toward my main goal as my skills and contacts improve.


I have followed basic guidelines (create a Pong game first, etc, etc) and am comfortable with the concepts of basic programming in a range of languages... I say a range, I mean C, C++, Java and SQL.


My question to you, the GameDev public, is where do I start with the likes of an RPG? I can trawl through a thousand YouTube videos telling me to have a story, and how important it is that a solid background, character development and storyline is fully mapped out before starting, but I'm at the stage that I'd like to get my hands dirty - have a bit of something to show myself I'm making progress.


What would be a good engine to begin with, hopefully supporting 2d and 3d, and do I start with my own crappy art or get sample/free sprites (where would i get these?) are the kind of thing I'm after.  I have dabbled with UDK and Unity 3d, but these look more like what my final prject would use (and UDK is so very much an FPS engine!).


Thanks for any advice you are able to give, and please hold the scaremongering of "It's a huge project, you'll get bored before you're even half way there." and other such comments made to people who come on asking "How can I make WoW??" :P