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Feedback for a Rapid Design Defense Game

13 March 2014 - 01:26 PM

Hey guys, I have a Rapid Designed game that I'm looking for some feedback from.


The goal of the game is to survive as long as possible, defending the bottom

of the screen from enemies.

There is a upgrade screen, however that is just temporary.

At the moment there is no art or sound, as I am focused on mechanics only.



The purpose of this prototype is for me to try out different systems I plan to use

for a mini-game in my web-based game. The finished version will have quite a few

different features, and the stats such as number of "shooters" and weapon speed,

damage, etc will be taken off of their group stats & equipment.


So then, what do I need from you?

Feedback. Play through the mini-game, and tell me how the mechanics feel. Enemies

too fast? Abilities too powerful? Not just that, but you're experience with the game helps

me too. For example, there's the good kind of frustrated(Such as in the Binding of Issac, where you

know only you are to blame for your death), and the Bad kind of frustrated(Via horrible Controls, such

as in Resident Evil). Any feedback helps me change the mechanics, and grow the idea.


I also welcome ideas for other mechanics that may play nicely with these ones. Please note, however,

that the "upgrades" screen is a stopgap measure at the moment, and will not be Incorporated in

the final mini-game.


Game Events

-The number of enemies generated is tied to your score. Higher score, more enemies.

-Every 5000 points, all enemies get a additional hit point.

-For every 500 points, you can summon 1 blocker.

-For every 1000 points, you can summon between 5 and 15 mines.

-You only get one shield at the moment. I may change that depending on feedback.



None so far!


(You can also find my current build here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByzWacV9yRPMbmo4OHQ4Tk94RUk/edit?usp=sharing)


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A few painful questions about Databases

25 May 2013 - 12:08 AM

Using: MySQL, PHP, JQuerry


Well, I have a few questions about database organization and I'm hoping you guys can help me out. I'm not new to programming - I'm mostly self-taught, and I've been doing it on and off since I was in my early teens. However, I've been finding information about organizing things very hard to track down...


I guess I should give an example. Right now I'm working on the framework for a web game for my wife. It's real simple, image mapping, point and click stuff, but I'm having some difficulty figuring out how to plan ahead just in case this game is live in 5~10 years(as unlikely as it is). At the moment the inventory is split into seven different tables, with a total of 600 columns combined for all of them.The farther I'm getting into this project, the more I'm wondering if each character should have their own table, and rows for each of the items they have, or if I should proceed as I have done.


So, in summary - ​Is it more efficient to have a table with 600+ columns and 100,000+ rows, or 100,000+ tables with a average of 100 rows each? How much weight does a empty entry add to the database? Is there a easy way to future proof the minimalist number of table concept without it eventually getting completely unmanageable?


Now for problem number 2: I've got a bit of explaining first... Right now, when a user clicks a link, the game pulls the location the player is currently in and the number associated with the hotspot they clicked, and checks it against a table of valid destinations for that room. If there is a valid destination, it's returned to the script and the game makes another check to the database for the information for that room, which is then brought back to the script. From there, it enters a "flag section" which filters if the player can continue.


1)If it returns true, the scene draws as normal.


2)If it returns false, it checks the database for the new possible destination, and then renders that location as if it was the location initially returned.


The problem - This can at times mean that the database can be queried a total of five times for a simple move action.


Notes: There are some locations that are designed to have multiple tests running at the same time, by order, so it would add a lot of bulk to add the test information right into the scene table.


Is there any general advice you can give to shorten up this insanse number of database calls? Is there a faster way to script this in MySQL? Would the performance loss be fine for a small/medium sized game?


Thank you for your help!

Javascript/Jquery strange errors, trying to get %22 and %7B?

22 February 2013 - 11:25 AM

UPDATE: I've discovered the problem, and now I feel foolish. I accidentally removed the JSON parsing, and for one reason or another tried to re-implement it by accessing it as a array. It's one of those mistakes that is done at 1am on a saturday, and never rediscovered. Thank you for responding, though!
Hey guys,
I've been working on a project for my wife in my free time, a type of adventure game in PHP. She's been doing the writing, and as I've been a dabbling programmer for many years I've taken up the mantle of developer.
The game is written in PHP, and it's using Javascript and Jquery to dynamically get data from the PHP script through JSON and enact changes on the page dynamically. For quite a while, development has been going good and it was almost playable for a short period of time... then, this happened:


GET 404 (Not Found) jquery-1.9.1.js:2358
GET 403 (Forbidden) jquery-1.9.1.js:2358


The data from the php script is JSON, and I've confirmed that it's being sent properly, and I have error suppresion on that side so it's not throwing a monkey wrench in the works... I'm really not sure why this is happening. I've done SEVERAL hours of investigation on these errors, and I haven't the foggiest clue why they exist.
I've gone to the area quoted by the chrome console, and it appears to be in the .attr function of jquery. The thing is, there are no get commands called by the javascript for either %7B or %22. I took a guess that they might be rogue characters, but I can't find anywhere in the javascript where " and { are sent via get.
Here's the javascript code as it stands:
<script language="javascript">
function onstart(){
function loadbyref(LocByRef) {
    $.post('game.php',                  //the script to call to get data          
      function(data)          //on recieve of reply
        var background = data[0];
        var convo = data[1];
        var convotext = data[2];
        var people = data[3];
        var buttonone = data[4];
        var buttontwo = data[5];
        var buttonthree = data[6];
        var islocation = data[7];
        var personlink = data[8];
        var buttonoutput = "";
        $('#gamescreen').attr("src", background);
                $('#people').attr("src", people);
                $('#people').attr("onClick", personlink);
            $('#people').attr("src", people);
                buttonoutput = buttonone;
                buttonoutput += buttontwo;
                buttonoutput += buttonthree;


And here is the example of the response from the php script:





Is there something obvious I'm missing? Any help would be appreciated!