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2D Farm Game

24 February 2013 - 04:37 PM



I would like to present the game I am working on right now: it's a 2D farming game, loosely inspired by the Harvest Moon series, being developped in C# using the XNA framework.


The general goal as follows: you have X years of time to turn a piece of land into a well-prospering farm, by gathering enought money to pay the debt, and getting the people to accept you. There will also be side-goals, and after the main goal of the game is won the player is able to keep playing, otherwise the farm is lost


What do I have so far:

- A lot of spaghetti code

- A map engine [pixel-based movement, the character actually waves his arms when he's walking!]

- Inventory system with adding/removing/dragging items and a hotbar

- Time system with day/night cycle, months, years

- Functional tools [Shovel/Hoe, Bucket/Watering Can, Axe, Hammer, Seeds, fence etc.]

- Basic particle system for the digging/cutting/etc effects [to help in fighting the urge to puke after seeing the same animation played for the 1000th time]

- Planting/growing routine [the plants grow only in the daylight, and if properly watered]


How does it look like:


Edit: Added some simple shadows under the player, trees and bushes



Changed the grass, soil etc. tonation to make it a bit brighter


I'm not really that good with graphics [the road looks like it's made of planks, and the character is ugly], so any constructive criticism welcome!