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Literature, motivation, how-to-do-it-right on C#/XNA?

25 February 2013 - 05:21 AM

Hi there, first thing I wanna say is that I've been watching this forum for some time and I really liked how all of this is organized and how this community works. I hope someday it's me helping you, not the other way round.


To the point:

I've been thinking about developing games for some time and I got a bit acquainted with C#, C++. I stopped coding in both, because I really felt like I was doing it horrribly wrong (though I made a few console games and even one game based on Forms). None of my work was any close to being satisfying so I quit, even though I was really, really excited about the whole XNA thing. I switch to high-level languages such as python and ruby. I really liked both of them for being accessible to everyone with many tutorials/guides/information-rich documentation.


Thing is:

I'm kind of motivated to go all the way with C# with XNA, but I heard MS is dropping support for XNA (VC# 2012 doesn't support it), so is this still viable, or should I just leave it and go somewhere else? Is there any good literature about C# and XNA? Can something teach me how to code the right way so I wouldn't have any future problems thanks to bad habits?


I understand all of this could take days, weeks, months or even years in my case, but I want to try, even if it's learning it the hard way.