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Evolution > Structural Integrity FTW!

Posted 01 September 2014

After a weekend of thinking about the problem of structural integrity in a voxel game, I decided on trying out a sparse graph-based structure. The game will also need to know how it identifies something as a building or not. Therefore I needed to design the structural integrity solution around what gameplay characteristics I want as well.

Starting with "...

Evolution > Looking Forward, Meshing, Structures

Posted 29 August 2014


Lately I've been looking into the future, trying to get a grasp on exactly what this game will be and how it can be implemented. There's been a lot going on with the code, and so I took the time to refactor most of the engine, commenting and optimizing where I could, and redesigning when I should. Overall it turned out great; I figured out how to ma...

Evolution > A Looooong Journey

Posted 24 August 2014

Hey all! It's been a while.....and a lot has been going on! I've been busy this summer with an internship working on autonomous UAV behaviours, so I've been having a blast with that. As of the state of the game, a lot las been going on as well.

In my (limited) free-time, I've been working on a rewrite of my engine. I've sat down with the good old piece o...

Evolution > Screenshot Saturday - Terrain Generation, Water

Posted 19 April 2014

Hey guys!!

Recently, I've been taking a change of course with my terrain generation. With my past terrain, it was increasingly difficult to build out models because the terrain lacked flat areas. What I decided on doing is restricting the terrain the certain height levels (right now, all step sizes are the same), and an edge detector to erode and shave t...

Evolution > Game Mechanics!

Posted 16 March 2014

Here's some shots of the engine's meshing; I kept greedy meshing with 32x32x32 chunks and still get decent world gen times (40 seconds for a 1024x512x1024 world) on my MacBook Air.

Also, I implemented picking, block adding and removing, and full movement (including automatically stepping up 1-block steps). Here's a video showing it off (WARNING:...