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Marc Mencher

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Marc Mencher's Career Advice > Physics and Game Development; or, What Goes Up Better Come Down

Posted 29 March 2013

Unless you're making a text-only game, you'll need to apply some form of Newtonian physics to pretty much every action that occurs on the screen. Computer and video games apply the laws of physics so that objects "behave" as they do in the normal world. This means that programmers need to know the physical science equations to apply them accurately and ap...

Marc Mencher's Career Advice > Hiring Managers: Vetting Game Programmers

Posted 01 March 2013

Hiring Managers: Vetting Game Programmers By: Marc Mencher - Game Programmer gone GameRecruiter http://public.gamedev5.net//public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif   So you're in that blue sky brain-storming session and there are a ton of awesome ideas up on the board, and then someone says, "Thisis GREAT! Now we need someone who can make it work like...