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student design portfolio: looking for some help

03 March 2013 - 07:47 PM



I'm a student game designer... and I'm trying to get into the industry (haha, so is everyone else...).  TL;DR, I would really appreciate some feedback on my portfolio/website, which can be found here: katiebryantgames.com.  This is my first time posting here.  Apologies if this sort of request is taboo, but I don't really know of any resources I can go to for "real talk" concerning my work.


This year, I've made plans to go to GDC, and I am deathly afraid of what recruiters are going to think of my portfolio and stuff.  I'm hoping to land an internship this summer, a few of which I've already applied for.  I thought if I see recruiters in person, I could try and make a decent impression and be more than just a name on a page.


I'm looking up all kinds of tips to do well at GDC and to make good portfolios/resumes, but it's all starting to sound repetative at this point.  Also, I can't really tell if my work has improved at all just from following all that internet advice.  Usually industry people at career fairs I've been to just give generic responses and don't seem very interested, yet they don't really give critical feedback.  So I'm sort of in this awkward rut where I obviously need to improve beyond a basic level, but have no idea how.


I'll stop talking and let you look at it.  Here's the link again: katiebryantgames.com


Any feedback would be really great.  If I need a punch in the gut, swing your hardest.  Really, don't sugarcoat it, because I think we all know it won't help me get anywhere.  Thanks in advance.