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Bad Day (iOS)

03 March 2013 - 10:12 AM

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Bad Day - a tactical multiplayer shooter, powered by Unreal Engine, similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike. Players can perform various tasks (missions) .

Types of game

Classical Deathmatch
Classical TeamDeathmatch
Waves - In this mode, the team, will withstand a certain number of waves of zombies
Team Waves - (PvPvE) - In this mode, will be two teams of players, which in the intervals between waves, will have to fight each other
Combined Deathmatch - (PvPvE) Combined Deathmatch, will be a like a classic Deathmatch,but in the match will fight the players and bots.
Combined TeamDeathmatch- (PvPvE) Like Combined Deathmatch, simply divided into two commands.

Singleplayer campaign will be added, in some month after release.