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In Topic: Questions about Unreal 4 Blueprint?

29 January 2015 - 05:32 AM

Yes you can.


There is a small FPS loss when using blueprints, but not so much that you as a indie or small studio developers will have to worry about.

When you make a AAA game using only blueprints will make a impact on the game, but you will then probably have a team of sixty developers some of them coders.


Using the material merge feature will make a very larger impact on your FPS, more so than using only blueprints.


The largest problem with blueprints is that it can get confusing, however the Function and debug options outweigh the negatives.

In Topic: Small help for 2nd game?

26 January 2015 - 03:25 PM

I hope you you are using the student license, and didn't pay for something you can't use yet.

Most people drop 3d modeling after learning how much time and effort go's into making a good model.


You will need to learn topology, it helps to define form and highlights key points. 

Study some basic art, to give the characters some life.


If you wan't I can upload a few wire frame images showing my own idea of the topology for these, then you can just copy it and make your own changes.


If you are looking for a artist to make these you should use the Classifieds section instead.

In Topic: top down shooter assets

26 January 2015 - 03:13 PM

This place is useful: http://vaevictisgame.com/


Here if you want to learn: http://2dgameartforprogrammers.blogspot.com/

In Topic: Alternative for levels and other time based resources.

19 January 2015 - 02:41 PM

I feel that I learn a lot about games since the last time a wrote on this topic, I just wanted to share a few things.


I have researched virtual games, board games, LARP games, a zombie event(not really a LARP), school yard games and even those hellish sports that I fear so much. I did it all to find answer to PVP and resource management.



The first thing to note is that the more complex a PvP is the less players play against each other, the larger a PvP event is the less a single person has to do.


In school yard games, duck-duck-goose, ring-a-rosy and telephone are easy to understand games and can often be played by whole classrooms of children.

Hopscotch is a more complex game and is often played by only one or two players.


Both simple and complex board games allow for both a low and a large amount of players, with complex games having advanced rules for more experienced players.


In soccer/football you could think that twenty-two players are a lot, but if you take that amount out of the amount of people who wan't to play soccer, those who are part of any soccer team, those who play soccer at a professional level or even the people who are playing soccer at any given time. twenty-two is a very small amount.

Also on a professional level a lot of extra players are brought in to help take off the load from the twenty-two players on the field, these extra players are coaches, trainers and any others thy can include without breaking the rules.


MMOs that allow large epic battles are often the simple ones, others reduce the size of battles with guilds and teams. There have been some amazing MMO moments in the past that allowed for hundreds of players to fight at a single time, it's important to note that during these events there where often players who focused the others into small groups with simple roles.



For PvP resources there is only two ways to go.


Many games reset resources after each match, this is most common in board games where the game is reset on each play. This is loops.


The second I found in some board games but was most noticeable in the 3 day LARP I joined.


It started out with each player being given a objective for the day, mine was to become a officer under the prince of thieves. However having recently played Shadow of Mordor I completely misunderstood my goal. In short I was exiled from the thieves, convinced the court wizard to help me kill the prince of thieves so I could take his army, then I got framed for the kings murder and the wizard took the throne.Although This wasn't the main plot, there was something about a dragon, it is still a good example of arcs.


Unfortunately doing something like this is hard for developers, not impossible tough there have been some MMOs that allowed players to influence arcs.


The expansions of board games also act as arcs, thy often do it with out adding more powerful items and instead add more complexity.

Race for the galaxy is a good example of this.


Currently I am making prototypes of my ideas, however this will take some time to complete as I have to make them in my spare time. This tread will probably be locked by then so I will open a new one.


I learned a lot from comparing different types of games with each other, I recommend all developers explore games like this.



If you looking for a easy way to explore board games without having to buy them then this should help: http://en.boardgamearena.com

In Topic: Advice - Current skills / Where to go next?

16 January 2015 - 03:11 AM

My opinion is that you should go download blender, make your first game with it using primitive shapes. Something like a 3D block breaker or 3D pong, python takes a week to learn the basics.

There are huge amounts of tutorials for making simple games with blender.


Forget about the rest and make that 3D game, the largest difference  between 2D and 3D is the concept of meshes and animations.

Then if you want you can learn 3D modeling, if you understand 2D art you will already have a good start towards 3D.


If you don't want to spend four to five years learning how to make a proper 3D model and instead wan't to focus on programming, then buy stuff from asset stores.


We 3D artists need to make a living too you know.wink.png