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In Topic: Game artist(s) who is / are able to make graphics like NARUTO SHIPPUDEN!

Today, 01:45 PM

I will say that for each character a day or two, this includes time fixing mistakes noticed after the model is done. This is meshes and textures only, the character wouldn't move at this point. Now I can't really say for the animation and that was some impressive fast paced animation, a rough guess would say about six to twelve hours per animation.


The levels is more about the amount of props in one than as a whole, but say five days for the assets used in the background of a single level.


Note this is only the visual elements, coding level design and other things excluded.

In Topic: Average games length databse?

Today, 11:43 AM

3 posts are all are offtopic and useless..., guys... guys... :-). Answer the question if you reply, otherwise start your own topics regarding these issues (in interested)

Those down votes should serve to remind you that Gamedev.net isn't Google or Bingtongue.png , also the yellow smiley is more noticable and will make it clear that there is no harm meant with the words. Remember a topic on Gamedev.net is open to discussion and debate just like a topic in real life, most people expect that you did the basic research before posting.smile.png




I really just want to know some way or sites that will show me average gameplay time... like that howlongtobeat.com

http://www.gamelengths.com/ Allows user input and is a very rough estimate, as players shave there time to look good. Considering that you know about howlongtobeat.com, you should know this one; thy are both the first search results.




so please to stay on topics do you have some tip for some similiar site or a way to find out?

The best way to find a average time for games is to search for that game e.g. "How long to finish Far cry 4".

 You can also ask friends and family for there time, but thy will answer in the form of weeks and days; so you will have to know there play session length to turn that into usable data.

Then use these to form your own database, hope you didn't expect to learn something with out working for it.wink.png


My opinion:

The problem with you question is that the time for a player to finish a game differs wildly, it depends on the player finishing the game and most don't, take your own games as a example. The player's skill, occupation, hardware, personal goal, game collection and there life in general changes how long it takes them to finish a game.

For a proper database you would have to get rid of the variables, so you would have to isolate player and ask them to play the game from start to finish. The cost of such a study would drastically outweigh the benefit.


The simple fact is knowing how long it takes players on average to finish a game doesn't matter.

In Topic: Simulators don't require creativity but pay little

Yesterday, 08:18 PM

1) Making racing sims only require technical skills, not creative, because the gameplay is well-known and you don't need to invent anything, same applies for the "characters" and the levels. The cars can be just copied from the real models on the market, the tracks can be copy/pasted from photos of city roads and places, real racing circuits etc. then it's all about 3DS Max and programming skills

You need to do more research. First if you could just copy and paste and then have it work the way you intended, every person on earth would make racing games. 


From a players view point all games look like 3DS Max and programming, that's because thy see the meshes and know there is code. In truth all games have level designers who work with the code and 3D assets, placing them in such a way that thy not only look good but play well.

Also there is the sound artist who magically takes random noise and turns it into ear pleasing music and sound effects. Then the graphics programmers and there excessive blooming and lens flaresbiggrin.png , who also make the meshes into real models. There is Marketing and human resource, who is responsible for the team and there money. Last but not least is the developer who is not only the sticky glue that holds every thing together, but also oversees that each part of the game delivers on that adrenalin filling, split second decisions that racing games are known for.


So as you can see, racing games and simulations like any genre isn't some lesser form. If a game doesn't sell, it isn't the game it's how it was made and presented.


If my conclusions are correct, if you are creative you better avoid making sim games because it's like you are Steve Jobs and you sell hotdogs at a McDonald's No?

It would have only taken him a month to reach the position of CEO. Siting there eating a hot dog while some worker in a Ronald costume begged for a job. 

If you have the proper skills it's your choice how and where you use them.

In Topic: Average games length databse?

04 May 2015 - 11:26 AM

Are the similiar sites or ways to know the average length of some game?

More important than knowing how long your game will be is knowing the length of a single play session.

A game like clash of clans can last years, but actual time spend playing is in short five to ten minutes sessions. Games like Battlefield, are designed to putt a lot of action in a thirty minute game both entertain and tire the player. Doing so hoping that thy will play a mission or two at most a day, so that the game can last till the next big release.


Session length is also important for your target audience, as kids will find more time to play than a person who works.


Session length is best tested for each game, but exit points allow you to stop players when you need.

Left 4 Dead 2 is a great example, you can play for short burst to a safe house when you are looking for just a easy shooting game.Playing a full level takes about 1:30 and is great for a weak day game, and playing the whole game is great fun for a weekend game. Left 4 Dead also uses very limited amount of resources to provide a lot of game time.

In Topic: What am I missing?

03 May 2015 - 07:49 AM

All you are missing is the point of the game.happy.png

That is to say the reason you're making the game and not writing a book or making a video.


The thing that sets games apart from all media is interaction, not just for the player with the game but for the game with the player.

What is it you wan't for the player, do you challenge there skills, do you give them a chance to live in a new world, do you allow them to live the life of a another or to you allow them to face the flaws of humanity in the form of monsters?


There have been some great games with no story, graphics, audio, no character design and yes even no physics.

Think about what you wan't and focus the narrative and mechanics on doing it.