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In Topic: Game concept

11 April 2016 - 02:04 PM

Shooter McGuy is a grizzled veteran of the Ubiquitous Space Marines, Shooting Division. Aliens have invaded! Shooter must don his space suit and do what he does best in order to save the galaxy. After years in retirement he must attempt to match up at least 3 of the same color of gem in a row, in order to destroy those gems and make room for the ever-falling cascade of gems from above. He can destroy special gems in order to gain access to combos and score additional points.


I admit, I would play this.

In Topic: Game concept

11 April 2016 - 11:26 AM

To me it looks like a farming game, set on a distant world.

In Topic: Bacterial/fungus/virus (zombie gamplay)

07 April 2016 - 03:20 AM

Call the bar "immunity", as this shows resistance to infection.


Go with the classic virus. The only reason to change it is if you want it as part of game play, to explain how zombies can stay around so long even if they are decaying a body.


Look up: the zombie survival guide.



Remember zombies come with a lot of background covered, making it easy topic for games, however there are also things people expect from zombies and these can limit a developer. That is why the other types of zombies are invented, to get around rules and to explain new contamination method.

In Topic: Allegorithmic Substance for Non-Artist, Tools for Amping up Graphics?

02 April 2016 - 05:33 PM

You however, have to already have created the HLSL via Substance Designer.

Didn't even think of this. If you made a HLSL shader with Substance and had a way to communicate with it then you should be able to use it in real time.

In Topic: Allegorithmic Substance for Non-Artist, Tools for Amping up Graphics?

02 April 2016 - 03:20 PM

You said the cost of Substance is too high... It's only 299 for a perpetual license for the pack, or $19.90 a month. You say the simple solution is to hire an artist. Sure that might be the simplest thing to do (and I wish I could do that), but that would definitely cost more than 20 bucks a month. Not really a helpful response I'm afraid. 
It's because either your going to hire a artist or you will be buying Substance software for the next four to six years while you learn 3D modeling.
Substance doesn't work out of the box.
The model needs to be made for Substance. A metal pipe could be easy, just use Substance to make the material and use it. However what about a Shoe?
With a shoe you will need complex textures and for this you will need actual texturing experience, this takes a long time to learn and daily practice.
You could also use more than one material, however this will be expensive performance wise.
Quixel and Substance create what is know as a texture base, it's a starting point for texturing.
Even a badly made pipe wouldn't work with Substance as the textures would stretch and differ.
The time you spend learning will be expensive or you will hire a artist who already learned all these and more. It really will be easier and cheaper to hire an artist.
Besides foreign artist like my self work for a lower fee than most, dollars is just worth a lot more to us.

That might be the realist thing to say, but it could be extremely discouraging to some. It's like telling someone to only do things they know how to do, and not to expand their skills. This might not be what you meant, but it's kind of the way it came off. To your credit, you did mention that you don't need great graphics for a game, and that the story could pull it through. 
Feel free to experiment, that's how you learn. Just don't Throw money at it expecting something to happen.
Before ever buying Substance look at software like Blender and see if it can fill your needs.
In the end my opinion doesn't matter it's your choice, just don't make a game focused on something you don't have some experience in, focus the game on some thing you care about.
It's not that I am trying to be mean. It's just that if you make a game focused around a field you don't know about, it isn't only going to be hard, your going to hate every moment of it.

I hope this doesn't come off as hostile
Don't worry about it. A live as a artist has thought me the value of criticism, feel free to express yourself, just don't do any thing to get banned.

I guess the thing that sticks out most for me when it comes to Substance is the ability to create varied versions of the same texture, and to manipulate those textures through code at runtime. While I know materials in Unity can be manipulated at runtime, it seems to be much more cumbersome and less robust. This is also a capability that UBER seems to offer (at least the modification of a wide range of parameters at runtime). Am I wrong in my understanding that these things can't easily be accomplished with Unity's standard shader? 
Substance's ability to edit in real time is for the editor only, if you make a packaged game Substance's libraries doesn't pack with it, otherwise you would be giving every person a free version of Substance.
I don't know if UBER allows for this, I have never used it.
Have you used the Substance trail and some free models, to see if it works the way you want?