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In Topic: [ORPG] Turn-Based or Real-Time Battle System

25 March 2015 - 02:54 AM

How many characters does each player control?

In Topic: "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

25 March 2015 - 02:40 AM

It depends how much money it would cost to keep infrastructure running.

The more you give the more artist you will get, lowering the amount after you have artist will cause them to leave.



Very depends on how much visits website can expect.

If you plan on being around long you should have some exclusive content, while allowing for nonexclusive.

A simple thing would be to advertise exclusive content over others, this will motivate artist to make exclusive content without costing you much.



Good quesiton ;)
I still research customer base from "buyers" point of view.
PBR going to take over 100%. But how quickly it will penetrate indie market I don`t know.
Marketing related questions are open.

A good idea to keep marketing open, there is noting worst than a manger laying about the stores condition.

If we know a store is sinking then we can help keep it floating, lie and say everything is fine when we are at five hundred views a day and your just insulting the artists.



Good point! I was going to talk to buying customers what fraction of production price they would expect or satisfy.

This is a very tricky point.

There is a asset store that allows artist to report under priced assets, this prevents artist like my self that are non-American to post assets that make the other artist look like thy are overcharging.

This is a good thing, however it gets abused. This prevents me from uploading game assets at this store because I will be forced to increase the price to say $40-$50 when there is someone who at the Unity store asks only $5-$10 for the same kind of asset.


No matter who controls the pricing be it Artists,customers or even the managers temptation and ignorance will cause problems.



They download what is available.

This still isn't clear.

If you make them download all the formats at once thy will feel like you are giving them a bag of garbage with a prize inside, however if you allow them to download what format thy need you will have a lot of similar files.

Allowing customers to request formats doesn't work, thy prefer to do shopping with as little as possible inconvenience.

For 3D assets you could store the big files like .max, .ma and . blend but for code and other things it could be a bother.



No free assets. See more in licensing section.

No free assets will be a great loss to all.

Customers download free assets to test the payment scheme, artists offer free assets to bait customers.

The most common marketing trick used by artist is what I call the Bait, Hook and Fish method, you probably saw this before.


First I over what thy want, say a enemy pack with five goblins for free. Developers can now use this instead of the horrid programmer art, thy also get a feel for how the assets work in there game.

Then I over a half price package the hook, say five goblin riders with five wolfs for $20. Now the developer can continue making his game, with this amount of content thy would feel safe to announce the game and show the world what thy are making.

Then there are the fish, these are the other assets that there game can benefit from. The $40 goblin shaman pack and the like.

This is how I get most of my sales.



If you make money - thats the only thing required to keep you with us.

Personally I am not in it for the money, that sounds dumb but if I quit asset stores it would have no affect on my life.

I like so many 3D artist first discover 3D modeling when making props for my own games, it was then that I found the only thing that interested me more than making games.

I never lost my passion for games and I want to help others make games, that is why I and many artist like me make assets for game asset stores.


If you intent to keep artist like me, the ones who are willing to make great props in hope of seeing great games, you will have to appeal to our ideals not wallets.

Very few artist got into art thinking thy will be rich, this is true for all the fields.



Looks like somebody launched marketing campaign without asking sellers in the past? )
Given the fact that I shooting specific niche, reputation is a very sensitive topic there.

There was a case of a asset store giving vouchers to customers, this caused a lot of problems as artist would see downloads but never receive the cash.

We don't mind if asset stores do this, we understand that it is for marketing, just inform us.


There is a strange thing that happens with vouchers. If a customers has a $200 voucher he will download more than $200 and download things that he really doesn't need or want. The same happens with sales.



26.)The big one, what is the license?  
the very clear and simple for everybody. 
Buy and do whatever you want except of reselling it at other marketplaces.
However, I would love to hear from sellers what they think the best one could be.

You will really need to get a proper license, it really is worth the cost.

What do you mean with "do whatever you want" can thy use assets for hate speech?

Can thy claim thy made the asset?

Can thy edit the asset in a manner that it is considered to be indecent.


When working for a client I allow them full control over the asset after it is paid for, yes thy can claim thy made it.

However this is because I approach them, really do I accept work from someone who approaches me and I demand a lot from them when I do.


Anyone can buy from a asset store, the recent flood of bad games on steam has shown this to be true.

I would like a license that protects me from the bad decisions developers make.

In Topic: should i learn how to work with a 3d modelling software?

25 March 2015 - 12:46 AM

You should know how to edit a model in 3D.

As a indie developer you will often download assets or work with a artist who will not be able to provide support all the time, so knowing how to fix small things, changing textures and changing the file format will save you a lot of time and head ache.


Most assets from stores won't match your game from the start, you will need to know how to fix them.

It's also a good idea to model things like garbage, cups, bottles and other small props as thy will cost you more money than thy are worth if made by a 3D artist.

In Topic: "turbosquid" for game development? Advice needed!

23 March 2015 - 10:06 PM

I Have a few questions then.


1.)Have you ever made a game or sold a asset?

2.)I don't expect you to tell me everything but what kind of advertising plan do you have?

3.)What will be the customers payment options?

4.)What about Tax Laws?


These are things a Artist expect from a asset store owner:


5.)  How much money will we get to keep?

6.)  How and when will I get payed?

7.)  Exclusive assets, and if not is there some kind of benefit for exclusive assets?

8.)  How much marketing info will I be privileged to?

9.)  Do you have a template or can I just use any images I want?

10.)Do you have any pricing rules?

11.)What formats can be uploaded?

12.)Will customers have to download all the formats at once or can thy just download what thy want?

13.)Do thy have to pay again to download again?

14.)Can I update assets?

15.)What is the difference between downloading a free asset and a payed asset?

16.)How do I advertise my products on your site?

17.)Do you inform me why my model didn't make it past quality control?

18.)Is there a benefit to staying a with you over time?

19.)If someone uses a voucher or such do you pay me?

20.)What payment options do customers get?

21.)How will you get customers to buy there first model?

22.)Can a asset be taken down from the store?

23.)Will you cleanup old models?

24.)Can artists vote on a other artists assets?

25.)Do artist have a say on the pricing of other artists assets?


26.)The big one, what is the license?

In Topic: If you're familiar with both Harry Potter and Naruto...

22 March 2015 - 10:04 PM

Wow I am surprised that no one has mentioned that the reason Naruto and Harry Potter is the same is because thy both follow the The Hero's Journey.

I always assume that game developers have read Joseph Campbell's The Hero With A Thousand Faces, it's about how even cultures with vastly different ideals share the same kind of story ideas and symbols.

Note the books isn't some kind of magic formula or blueprint for good stories, it's just a discussion on how similar good stories are and how the Hero's journey is important to human development.


Both Naruto and Harry Potter are stories of boys growing into maturity, although in Naruto there are two characters who undertake the Hero's Journey.

Naruto, Saskue and Harry all face the Snake, the Snake here is the guardian of maturity and only by defeating the snake can thy reach full adulthood.


Naruto and Saskue first face the Snake when thy meet Orochimaru, it's Saskue who is the more mature of the two who succeeds here.

Naruto meets Jiraiya and sees the Toad, the Toad is the symbol of change, then dives into the abyss to find his hidden power and to change himself. In the story Jiraiya throws Naruto into a canyon where Naruto uses the kyuubi's power at his own will for the first time to summon the Toad.

Saskue sees the Toad when Naruto first summons him to battle Shukaku, is't from this point that Saskue slowly changes and decides to go to Orochimaru.

It's in Saskue's past where we see him dive into the abyss to gain the power he needs to defeat his brother, the back flash is shown when Saskue decides to join Orochimaru to show the link.


In Naruto shippuden(the manga is a bit different here) it starts with Naruto admitting to Saskue that he can't reach maturity without saving Saskue. Now Saskue has become the Snake who Naruto chases, Naruto is the Toad that Saskue needs. The final part of there journey starts when each of them meats the Crow the symbol of destiny.


Harry Potter faces the snake and many other symbols of the Hero's Journey,even Cerberus the guardian of death, however Harry never changes. 

It's after the Guide dies that we all expected Harry to change and it even ends with Harry saying that he would not return, however he doesn't change and in the end the only way for the child to win in the end is to gain something stronger than himself. In the end Harry beats the Snake but only because he is the Hero, the wand was his because of who he was not because he earned it. So in the end Harry Potter matures but he never completes the Hero's Journey.


Both writers seem to know a lot about symbols it's no surprise that thy have so much of it within there stories.


Schools are a familiar setting so thy work very well, thy also resemble immaturity and the will to mature so thy are the symbol of the Hero Journey.



The thing about magic is the meaning of the word itself, it's something that happens almost as if by no effort or by supernatural means.

This means that it either doesn't have rules or it has super rules, in a world like this magic is feared and the leading power.

It could also be that magic isn't the leading power because it is so rare that the advantage it gives is rarely used.


Then magic can also mean that it just looks like there is no rules or super rules, like the way some artists draw as if by magic.

In a world like this powers are equal thy just don't look that way, in other words as it takes one joule to lift a 100g stone one meter high then by this magic it's the same.


The last thing. A person using magic would rarely call it magic, that makes it sound like thy are doing noting.