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In Topic: Legal dangers for small indies

25 August 2015 - 11:52 AM

I want to point out that it isn't only art and copy rights that can lead to a lawsuit for indie developers.


Every thing you use that was made by someone else is a potential lawsuit, from game engines to file formats and third party plugins. As a indie you will be using things made by others, making every thing yourself is near impossible and at best will waste the time you could be spending on the game.


The best you can do is to follow the law and when in doubt, you can bet you will be sued.


My question is: is there a realistic chance for a small indie to get sued over something?

Small indies often have to deal with legal matters, however you will often receive a warning allowing you to take action or prepare yourself.


Does that chance increase a lot if you ask money for the game?

I think Minecraft is a good subject to study, after it became popular people attempted to sue the developer for all kinds of reasons.

In Topic: Unreal Engine 4 - Animations

23 August 2015 - 06:21 PM

anyone knows if i need to reanimate all the character , or i can do it in the animation editor ?


You don't need to reanimate your character. What you need is two separated animations, one for walking and the other holding the flash light.

Using Unreal you can blend these animations into a new animation. 

In the Unreal 3rd person template you will see in the animation folder there is a example of a blend animation, it is a 2D blend using  the animations "Idle"+"Walk"+"Run". You will need a different animation blend, this one will just be a guide line.


From the image I can see that you are using the character from the template, you will not be able to export it to Blender or Max and create new animations. You will need your own character and it's own animations or you will need to find more animations for the default character.


is there a way to do this without so much effort or a new software to do 3d animations ?


Animation is a art on it's own like 3D modeling, painting, playing a musical instrument or even making games. No software is going to turn you into a animation artist, just as switching from Unity to Unreal didn't turn you into a AAA studio.


Know that there is some things you can do now to improve the quality of your animations, like learning the 12 principles of animation.

Accept that your game won't be know for it's animations unless you employ a animation artist. Use bad animations to your advantage, seeing a person walk strange is scary and alien; good for both sci-fi and horror games.



Tip: when using Blender and unreal use NLA action strips for saving animations.

In Topic: Paper-based prototyping: simulating real time

21 August 2015 - 07:31 AM

rolling dice to move however many grid squares; wherever you land you roll again to see if a randomised disaster occurs.

A common problem with board games, the fix is to use more dice and average the result.




To measure speed I could add a modifier, such as if they're going an 'above average speed' they get a +1 to the amount of grid squares they cover but also a +1 to the chance of a disaster happening. 

I would advice the danger increased exponential. Fast: +1 Speed +2 Danger, Faster: +2 Speed +4 Danger, Fastest +3 Speed +8 Danger.



Like everyone said, speed and time doesn't translate from board games to real world at 1:1 scale.


I have a game called Soldiers, vehicles and aircraft; yes it is a RTS based on rock-paper-scissors. Soldiers > Vehicles > Aircraft > Soldiers

In the beginning I found players just used the same units so they could counter all units, we used speed to cause a unbalance. Soldiers 1 speed, Vehicles 2 speed and Aircraft 3 speed.


When we turned it into a real time game speed didn't matter, players went back to keeping equal amounts of all units. To counter this, we tested firing speed and range as new values on the board game, we had to keep decreasing the amount of units, to allow the new dice roles.

We learned time is more significant in turn based games than in real time, you would never allow a unit to miss a turn but in real time some units would stand around for whole minutes.

In the end we noticed, that the less units a player had the closer it was to the turn based game, we added range and more cover and unit grouping so players could command a few groups instead of single units.



What I am saying is that you can test the mechanic of speed and danger by doing a dice roll when players need to turn, the faster you drive the harder it is to turn. You can test the concept of racing and there are a lot of racing board games. 

You can't test real time with turn based games, because in turn based games you exist in more than one place at a given time.

In Topic: Survival Game Elements

19 August 2015 - 03:59 PM

Survival isn't about not dying


No, it's all about living!biggrin.png

I think I get what you are saying, survival elements can be found in games where players can't "die".


One type of game that has a survival theme that hasn't been mentioned yet is worker placement survival games.

These where the games I meant with settling survival games, where the player no longer survives as a person and instead works for the survival of the group.


The thing about these games is that the idea of being a group or even a person with in the group is important, in other words a person in the group should be a person and not just a resource. I think this is the key difference between such a survival game and a strategy game.

In Topic: Trap mechanics

18 August 2015 - 07:43 PM

You will mostly look at board games for social traps.


I recommend The Resistance and Spy Fall.


I have played these with friends over long distances using Twitter and email, although with The Resistance it was before the new expansion was added, so I believe you could easily turn them into a multiplayer PC game.