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#5315969 Got troubles with 3D model

Posted by on Yesterday, 10:45 AM

is there any way still to get rid of them using Sculptris or ZBrush

The zBrush dynamesh should get rid of these errors at the cost of removing details you sculpted, just keep reducing the size of the grid.


Mistakes like these even happen to professionals, we have a rule: if you can't fix it in fifteen minutes scrap and start again.

There is no point to clinging to a bad model and when you do it a second time it will look even better than the first time.



With legs, keep them separate so that you don't have to remake all of them, you can just copy and paste a good leg. It also means that you won't have to scrap the whole model when you make a mistake; merge it all when you start detailing.

#5315621 Texture atlas tool

Posted by on 17 October 2016 - 08:22 PM

OK, so before I begin I want to make clear that texture atlases are noting special. You can make them with any graphics software, the reason I will be teaching Blender is because it's a vector software and will allow you to scale images and move them around with no problems.

Also knowing how to make a 2D atlas in Blender teaches you 80% of the work needed to make a 3D texture atlas.


It's recommended you know how Blender works.

This is going to feel long, however once you can do it you will be making atlases and sprite sheets quickly.


The following images have been edit to help with the tutorial.



First you need to turn on the image importer in Blender.

1: Open the file menu->User Preferences -> Add-ons tab->Import-Export.

2: Find the Import images as planes option and enable it. Save User settings.

3: Open the file menu and under import select Image as planes



Find the images and select them all and import

Check that all options are the same as in the image, the red dots are important.



Press Z-key and then the 8-key to change display to texture.

You should now see something like this image.



Add a plane to use as the target.

1: Press Shift-A to open the add menu. Mesh-> Plane

A plane should appear if it's white instead of black don't panic, also I moved this one down by 1 to allow better view of the images.


Move the images you imported to where you want them think of black/white plane as a image. Hold the ctrl-key to snap against the grid, Shift key to move in smaller amounts.


2: Press tab with the plane selected to go into edit mode. Depending on your setting you will either have to choose from a menu or it will just go into edit mode.

3: Select edge tool.

4: Select the right side edge and move it along the X axis by 2.

The Blender grid is 64*64 pixel for each Blender unit. We are using a 256*128 image so 4*2 units.




Now we will make a new texture.

1:Split the screen. https://www.blender.org/manual/interface/window_system/areas.html

2:Change the type to UV/image editor.

3:Click on image.

4:Select New image.

5:Set the name and Properties 256 by 128.


Exit edit mode by pressing tab, if the menu appear select object mode.

Optional 6: Go back into edit mode and press the U-key to unwrap the plane.

If you are in edit mode and the image changed just select it near where the name is.


You only need to do this if you left edit mode before making the image. Exit edit mode by pressing tab, if the menu appear select object mode.



Finally we transfer the data from the small images onto the new one.

1:Select the Bake option under the render tab.

2:Check that you are in object mode, select all the object in the 3D view, hold shift and select the black/white plane until it has a light orange border.

Check that bake mode is texture and that Selected to Active is on.


Hit the bake button, you should see it render the image. Save your new image to a file.


I can only upload 5 images.


Once you know how to do this it will take no more than 15-40 seconds to do.

You should now realize you can do it in any software, a atlas is just a combination of the images, a sprite sheet.

The final Blend: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3hHgiNtHATdVE9GblZHd1NBZm8/view?usp=sharing


You can also use a sprite sheet tool if this is too much.

#5315595 Caveman 3.0: favorite foods

Posted by on 17 October 2016 - 03:53 PM

or should it just reduce it, or not kick in until they eat a whole bunch (such as: last 8 out of 10 meals vs last 4 out of 10), or both (kick in later, and reduce mood less) ?

How important is mood in the game and how many factors can effect it.

If it's a important stat then I would like a few meals that can have a lasting positive effect on it to counter any negative  effects that could happen with out me noticing.

These food can have a high difficulty and still work.


In Don't starve Honey Ham, although difficult to make compared to other foods was always on my list because it had such good stats; to bad the Shipwrecked DLC made things too easy.



Favorite food would basically negate the penalty for eating the same thing all the time.

This should work, maybe it should also give a small boost, I always feel better after eating my favorite food.




Those can be combined to make 30+ (50+? 60+?) foods in the game. Both raw and cooked, and plain and spiced versions - including juices and teas.

If you are going to have that many then it helps to have some incentive for players to try new ones, although collector players will find it part of the challenge.

The penalty for eating the same thing will help, although I find that if each food has it's own stat boosts it also helps as a incentive.


In Harvest moon grand bazaar having different foods to sell helped as buyers didn't always want the same thing.

In your game if trading is possible, random selecting what items will be sold at a higher profit would mean that if players stored different food types, there is a better chance of having one that sells for a high price.

#5315590 Texture atlas tool

Posted by on 17 October 2016 - 03:05 PM

Currently in my game, each cross hire image has separate file.

If they are all the same size then you can just connect them yourself, example four cross hairs of 64*64 will make a simple grid atlas of 128*128.




Could someone suggest a good (and probably free) tool/plugin to do the job?

Blender can do it for you, it has many atlas tools. If you upload the images I can show you how to do it in Blender.

#5315438 UE4 Blueprint FPS - VR in game logic?

Posted by on 16 October 2016 - 10:48 AM

I am trying to get a good grasp of how to use the blueprint system in the UE4 editor.

I find the best way to think of it is as pieces of pre-made code that you are just stitching together.


How is it the example wouldn't have the motion controllers alter the camera and or gun offset

The motion controller part finds the location of the controllers, if I am not mistaken a similar code should be attached to the hand holding the gun, so it moves with the motion controller.

The Camera could be used however the controllers allows you to move your "hands" around on screen, meaning that the gun could change where it is positioned. Watch a few Unreal, VR controller vids to see how they move relative to the camera; It's like moving your hands in front of your face.


Just ignore the VR if you don't need it now, you can add it in later if players want it.

#5315298 Couple of questions for game art designers/animators

Posted by on 15 October 2016 - 04:16 AM

artists usually don't hire artists.

So true however because we get hired by customers who make mistakes, we do have some small advice to offer. :)


an you give me any advice besides hiring a foreigner? I appreciate all the help

First, never buy any thing you can make yourself, it's simple yet I get hundreds of clients paying expensive prices for simple things that could be researched on the internet.


Second, when hiring a artist you are paying for the time not the product. You can't expect to pay the low prices you do at asset stores, models made for asset stores sell over a long period of time and slowly bring in funds and do in time pay for the effort.

The lowest paying option you can get from a artist is to pay per model instead of time, the way this works is that the artist will work on the model when they don't have any other important jobs. You get a huge price cut this way -still more expensive than buying from a asset store- however you don't have a solid deadline to receive the model.



The last thing you can do is reduce the complexity of the model to reduce the time and effort needed to make it, reducing the price of the model.

This is what I recommend you do for your first project, because you won't need AAA quality models for your game.


So what you do is contact your artist of choice and tell them you want a paper/ flat low poly model. This means a low poly model that is modeled in the most simplest way possible. We use these models for LOD levels and planing.


Here is one I made as a example, how it looks. http://imgur.com/DnpgR8u The .Blend: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3hHgiNtHATdZ3gwaXd2LUthNjg/view?usp=sharing

The difference between this model and a AAA model is a high poly model and better topology, this models also isn't UV mapped.


You can see that it is a low poly model 1 560 tri, and that it has a good shape and form, there are also a few ways to reduce poly count.

From the Blend you will see that at a distance it looks almost as good as any AAA gun, that is because it's very similar to how a AAA gun's LOD would look like( there wouldn't be as much overlapping mesh.)


The gun is perfect for a low budget shooter game, because you will be at a distance and won't notice much detail while playing. The best part is that almost any 3D modeler can make it. All a 3D modeler needs to know is: custom normals, shape theory(or practice) and basic modeling.

It's also a good target for beginners because it teaches the basics and doesn't need texture experience.



The model took 1 hour 12 minutes to make, that would make it's time worth $25 on average. At a asset store if you pay more than $3 you are paying to much(It would sell around eight copies in a month). Last if you hired a artist at a per-model price it would be $10-15.


If you find a artist willing to work for you on your terms chances are they can make models like these. Also I bet you could make models like these, if not guns then street signs, pot plants and other basic objects; that way the artist can focus on the important models while you help with the grunt work.


For LODs you can use Blender it has a tool that generates LODs, it's just not the same quality as Simplygon.



Edit: Don't merge the mesh in Blender, it will destroy the custom normal data, export as .fbx with smooth set to "Face" to import the model with custom normals into a engine as one model.

#5315255 What would be the best game engine for this type of a game?

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 03:25 PM

Ren'Py is what you want: https://www.renpy.org/ 

Extremely easy to use, uses the easiest programming language and has a lot of features. It also has a good list of games made with it.


You could be making your own game in about a month, that is how easy it is to learn.

#5315254 How the hell do you even get people to play your game? Tired everything!

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 03:14 PM

14 downloads 7 of wihich are my friends. So HOW TF do people get users?

Advertise on places where you know mobile users like to gather. 

Facebook and forums like gamedev.net is a bad place to look for mobile users. The people browsing the site on mobile is just quickly checking things and have no intent on downloading apps.

The people typing and responding on PC are charging their phones, or just don't want to stand up and look for them.


Places like Imgur that sees a large mobile user base for long periods of time will be better places for advertising.

HOWEVER, don't scheme or dance around the point, doing something foolish like asking them for advice when you only intend to advertise will only irritate people. As humans we understand that people are trying to sell us stuff(or get us to play there games), we hate being mislead or lied to.


It's also important not to force something or to sound desperate. "The more you want, the less you get."-some smart person or such.

It's like how in freemium games the more something is advertised and pushed into a players face the less they want it.

#5315251 Stronger versions of enemies?

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 02:54 PM

Knight, Duke, Baron, Earl, Prince, King, etc

These could actually be nice, because in medieval times any one of rank had some kind of symbol, like a crown, showing their rank. A easy way for a player to see that it's a important enemy.

It would also work well with a fantasy game.

#5315221 What would you say is required for a good survival horror game?

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 11:02 AM

Actual horror would be nice, the Stephen King books are a good example of basic popular culture horror with a deeper fear underlining.


The best kind of horror games for me are the ones where you are unknowingly experimented on, the idea of being a unwilling and unknowing test subject is both horrifying and even possible. It's just to bad that it is a very difficult theme to work with.

#5315220 Couple of questions for game art designers/animators

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 10:41 AM

  If I'm understanding correctly, students who are just starting out don't know how to apply their craft they've learned. So if I brought on such a student, and had him doing all of the artists work, he'd need to be told exactly what needs to be done, rather then being able to figure it out on his own?

The problem is more technical and harder to explain than that.

Think of it as building a puzzle, a student who learned 3D modeling was given all the pieces and a image of what it should look like when done. There largest problem they have is that they are overwhelmed with information and possibilities. They keep looking at the image and start solving puzzle then when they reach monochrome pieces like a sky, they get stuck because they ignore the shape of the puzzle pieces. (This is my third attempt at explaining and I am sticking with it. <_<)


In 3D terms:

Triangles are bad -always-you must never use an triangle. Except when making game models they matter and they don't, because the model is triangulated.

A triangle on a flat surface will go unnoticed, a triangle on a smooth surface will produce pinching.

A triangle should always be avoided when doing sub-D modeling, except when the triangle divides into a quad; a triangle will always divide into a quad.

When you need a triangular form, never use a triangle; except when paper(flat) modeling.


All of the above rules are true, except when time is running out then you just ignored it and do what you must. A student will know the rules and even have seen them in action, however they don't know every situation because that can only be discovered by trail and error.



What you need to know is that a student will have no problem making any thing that exists, things like tables and chairs in games are often made by interns or fresh 3D modelers. To help interns improve we give them a lot of retopology work, because they have a model as example and it will be easy to notice when there is a error with the mesh.

For self thought artist a easy way to improve is to make them write tutorials, they have a feeling for 3D modeling and asking them to summarize it helps.


If you are wondering what kind is better to hire, it would be any 3D modeler willing to learn, even if the are experts.





You aren't listening, or you're in denial, or you're twisting the definition of financial "risks."

I agree with Tom here, 3D models are worth a lot because the take a long time to make. Any artist helping you IS loosing money, even if it is a student; living isn't free.


In a single day I make $100-$500(Today I only made $16, it's a weekend.) just doing Freelance work and selling assets, I am not a full time freelancer; it's some thing I do as 3D training.



If I had to provide a estemate for a amount a 1-2 year student will make a day it will be: $10-$100 and this is inclueding there study time.

$1-2 thousand dollars

So your art budget will be about $500, you can get a lot done with that if you know where to look. I will recommend finding a foreigner, we work for lower fees because dollars are worth so much in our countries.

I wish you luck.

#5315167 Stronger versions of enemies?

Posted by on 14 October 2016 - 07:24 AM

1. What is your feelings about this "trick"? in games? Does it feel cheap?

That really depends on many factors. In Shadow of Mordor you had many different looking orcs with the same rank, so it took a lot to make captains and other types to stand out from the normal ones; they had to be more than just some improved stats and color pallet.


In RPG's it's common to find a enemy that you have been fighting show up as other color with some better stats, this is just cheap. 

In games such as diablo

In Diablo they weren't just the same enemy with improved stats, they where a problem that had to be addressed as soon as they appeared. The "mini bosses" would greatly effect the battle with abilities that would weaken the player or boost and even some times revive enemies, they didn't feel cheap because they where more than just a stat boost.


Diablo 1:


Diablo 2:


This is the types I remember most, because they could often spawn with a unfair ability.

Diablo 3:


I noticed them when playing, however there was a moment just now that I doubted they really existed. They felt cheap and just stronger than normal enemies, I think it's because Diablo 3 is so loot driven; you could easily find rare loot and didn't have to look for the stronger enemy types.

Maybe they feel cheap because there wasn't any thing new to them or because the game had so many enemies that a special one went unnoticed.

#5315079 How do I convert/import .PSA and .md5anim files into 3ds max?

Posted by on 13 October 2016 - 05:40 PM

Because I'm trying to find an option to import animations but I can't find one!

.FBX  supports animations however you will need to do test first with Blender exporting and importing then when you find the option that works then use those settings.


EDIT: Finally pulled it off! What I did: using BRRESVIEWER, I extracted the wii .brres animations/textures/files. I extracted animations as PSA, and models as PSK, and found a 3DS MAX plugin called "ActorXimport" that allows me to import a PSK with it's PSA animation file for conversion into the other supported formats! So hooray for that! Thank you for your previous help!

Glad you found some thing that helps, there will always be away around.

#5315015 Couple of questions for game art designers/animators

Posted by on 13 October 2016 - 11:05 AM

When I started out and still learning I did a few free jobs as part of my learning, however I only did free jobs because there was no obligation connected to it. Hiring an in experienced artist IS going to give you difficulties; after all you will be working with a person who knows about as much as you do when it comes to art.

For me it was on my fourth year that the project I joined turned out to be a success.


Rather I'll probably be targeting university students in their first or second year.

Then a warning, I deal with a lot of interns -we use them for grunt work- the students that are strait out of the university know what to do, they just don't know why yet.

#5314958 Couple of questions for game art designers/animators

Posted by on 13 October 2016 - 04:17 AM

Okay guys, thanks for all this information, I really appreciate it. So if I'm targeting beginner artists, should I look for an animator and 3D modeler separately? Or, if I have some patience (I'm in no rush), can I get one person who'll build up their experience in both. Would that be realistic?

Find a freelancer tell them what you want and how much you are willing to pay, they will give you a breakdown of what they can do for the price.


As for hiring a 3D modeler think about what you need the most, hire a 3D modeler that can animated if you want beautiful scenery or Hire a animator that can do 3d modeling if you want your world to feel alive; a artist will focus on what they know best.