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In Topic: We need help with moving forward on our game project (6 months in)

09 March 2013 - 11:26 AM

Thank you for your quick replies! You have all been very helpful.
@ Linkaan:
Visually and artistically Chantelise is quite close yes, these kinds of character and monster sprites and animations are what we are aiming for. 
However we are planning on making a more traditional 2D/3D mix with a top-down perspective  like in for instance Breath of Fire 3 (only modernized) with battles being turn-based:
(video not related to us in any way, just a let's play for those who haven't played BoF3)
@ darookie:
Thank you for your comment on 3D models vs 2D sprites. We haven't made a final decision on that part yet and we are still very open minded and very receptive to new ideas. 
The reasoning why we would be aiming for 2D sprites is probably because we have some experience with drawing in 2D and we think that the end result by using 2D sprites vs 3D models could be a bit more refined and timeless when taking to consideration the skills of our team specifically. We also thought that it could be easier for us to not make stiff looking characters and animations with this approach.
We 100% agree with you on the demo idea, thank you for that!