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#5314628 Pixel artist looking for programmer partner

Posted by on 11 October 2016 - 01:52 AM

Hi Everyone!

I'm a pixel artist and I'd really like to make a simple retro-like game. Not for profit, but for fun, because I can do it and maybe others could enjoy it. I was working on different projects in the past few years, but there were only a few which succeded and got at least a beta version. Now I have some spare time again, so I post this advert in search of a likeminded partner. I'm open to the other's ideas, I would like it to be "our game", not "my game", as much as it's possible.
I love the old consoles (NES, SNES), my style and skill level is somewhere between them. You can find my PixelJoint gallery here: http://pixeljoint.com/p/49536.htm. For some reason I deleted my DevaintArt profile, so there aren't many really game related stuff, but you can look at a small portfolio of mine.
What I would really like to make is a simple and fast platformer, with simple enemies, It'd be good for a start and we could see if we can get along or not. I'd really like to make homages to the old games (avoiding the copyright problems as much as it's possible). But if you aren't into it, we could leave this part out. But it would be cool :)
If you are inerested, please reply here and we can get in contact.

Thanks for reading!