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interactive plane terrain texturing

10 March 2013 - 05:20 AM



i'm trying to do simple textured terrain - terrain is plane xy with base repeatable texture.  I have about 16 repeatable textures which i wan't to interactively place at plane as textured quads with one alpha mask.  Each quad is aligned to grid a randomly rotated.  Interaction is important because this texturing is part of game editor.  Each grid cell can contains one textured quad which has double size as grid size.  This technique works quite nice:




Target hardware is ios/ipad so i can't use alpha testing because it's too slow.  Only blending, but overdraw is too heavy.  Is there any another good technique with less fillrate?  I tried render all these rotated quads into halfsized FBO and then blend fullscreen quad into main back buffer - it's much faster but it looks terrible.  Any idea please?