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New First Game need pointers

16 June 2013 - 02:28 PM

I'm sure some of you have seen my thread about the Frank Hunter ACW clone I guess you could call it, that I've been wanting to build for my first game. I have found it, while a good idea and as I was going about it slowly, a workable one. However, I have deemed it too ambitious for my level and have settled with a text-based RPG to start out as I'm more  capable with that (Already created basic input info, output story type text based stuff). Now, for this to work as I'm brand new to C++ , I'll need ideas for the basic coding elements needed (I.E. An array for this, class for that, etc. [FYI: I already know characters and enemies need a class, so don't list that please); I can work from there.


Now, I want a drawn out menu module for this game. A start menu for new game/ continue (Selectable only if applicable [ I believe an if function would be necessary for that one] options [Load screen for continue if applicable]), an in-game menu with multiple options in it such as an equip screen, item inventory screen, save option, etc. Yes, the menu module seems reminiscent of a Final Fantasy menu but that's where the idea came from. To me, that's the best menu module out there for any rpg whether text-based, 2d or 3d.


I'll also need a battle system and a leveling system for character progression. For those of you more experienced in that, as I have no clue what would control everything in that (I know I'll need separate files for these systems, but that's a given) Please fill me in on the basic c++ elements for this.


For story aspects, I'm not sure what exactly what I'll need, but I do need a text output of some sort for the story and character dialogue. Again, those experienced in this can point out the basic C++ elements needed for everything inside this (I think this may be a little beyond the basic  cin, cout I've been doing for my small projects).



Once I get the basic elements, I should be ok and be able to get the game done in good time to show my friends and family as that is the purpose of this (I don't think many people want to play text-based games since 2d and 3d graphics are out) project (Showing them how well I've progressed).


If I've missed anything that's crucial, please feel free to add it. This may be text-based, but story wise it should be about as big as a standard Final Fantasy game would be. I'm not a graphics person so that's the reason for the text-based requirement.

Guidance needed

27 May 2013 - 04:16 PM

Ok, I started an earlier topic about a game I was wanting to code up, some mentioned that the way I was going about it would work, but I ran into a hitch; all the resources I've used to learn C++ only used and explained the coding in the way they used and I get the general purpose of the language elements, but not the broader aspects of it which is hampering my learning of the language and therefore my ability to get my project off the ground. My project, for those unaware, is essentially a clone of a well thought out turn-based strategy game from the 90s on a static 2d map called American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. I've got the basic concept of what I need and the basics of how to use elements of the C++ language, but what's getting me is my only knowledge is only the use in examples in books and tutorials that don't properly explain the broad usage of everything except how it applies in those examples. Is there any good books or tutorials that can fix that for me?

First Game Help Ideas

10 March 2013 - 02:34 PM

Hi, I'm new here and also new to programming. I've spent a couple weeks getting familiar with the basics of C++ to start planning what I would need for my own first game to use as personal learning experience. I am planning to create a game similar to Frank Hunter's American Civil War game called American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. If anyone is familiar with the title, can you give me coding pointers for battle results, movement and the like? Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Remember, I'm working with C++.


If you aren't familiar with the title, it is a civil war turn-based strategy game operated on a hex-map. The player issues orders to armies (Set up as an HQ), corps, or divisions as well as oceanic or riverine fleets. The player also can create units, assign the commanders, set up weapon supplies, recruitment levels, etc. This has been a favorite game of mine from a young age and was the initial inspiration to get started in programming, so I felt being able to create a similar yet different game would be an appropriate first for my experience build.


If anyone wants to help but needs to get familiar with the title, it is freeware so a google search of the title will bring up multiple results for downloading the title if you need to play it a little to get some coding ideas.


Note: I am not planning on starting the project soon; I know I need more work on the text-base program level before I move up but I am getting there, so planning is in order and thought I'd appeal for thoughts, pointers and maybe even some guidance.