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Runesketch: A CCG with user art trading (HTML5)

23 March 2013 - 02:30 PM

Hey we are in the process of making a game. We started for a "make a game in a month" competition by our local hackerspace (http://www.edinburghhacklab.com) A few months later, urgh, its actually playable now. Its built on Google App Engine. We have got latency down to 300ms, which is pretty good for a http only communication method I think.

Anyway I would love for some people to try it out.


Each card has its own set of rule for moving and attacking around the board. The aim is to kill the other players commander. Thats the core game concept. The movement is more interesting than other CCG IMHO, but we wanted to go further than just interesting game mechanics.

Your cards start blank and you draw your own art on them. You can then sell your art to other players (if its good). So we want creative players to get rich, as well as the good card strategists  We want a game that people can play for different reason. Not sure if we have quite nailed it yet, but that's what feedback is for!


Anyway, I would really welcome some feedback, you don't need to install anything, its in the browser. Firefox and Chrome should work. I think safari and iphone doesn;t, but I have managed to play it on my phone too (albiet the screen size is not great, work to do on that)


Thanks alot


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