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#5065029 What should I name the Gods?

Posted by on 26 May 2013 - 12:28 PM

Lobotomy is a pretty cool name as is. 


Anyways, here are my suggestions

  • Issinsha: Queen of Murder.  Associated with thieves, assassins, murder, spying, traps, the cold and seduction.
  • Curassis: King of the Royal Guard.  Associated with warriors, steel, totalitarianism, silent armored brutes, and bladed executions.
  • Demetac: The Sorcerer King. Associated with mages, mind games, insanity and dark magic.
  • Kuvos: The King of Chains.  Associated with the prison, chains, torment, fire, brutal strength, muscles, and sadistic torture.
  • Barraccas: King of Trade.  Associated with commerce, greed, temptation, gluttony, profit, and selfishness.
  • Lobotomos: The Surgeon King.  Associated with surgery, death, the undead, plagues, illnesses, and the macabre.
  • Hiera: Queen of the Wild.  Associated with nature, wild beasts, purification through death, medicines and poisons
  • Alaris: The High King.  Associated with power, manipulation, and command.  The most powerful of all the Kings/Queens.
  • Ratos: The Betrayer King. Associated with wise council, temperance, foresight, and empathy.  Currently captive by worshipers of The King of Chains, and likewise guarded by other worshipers.  (If he were to escape all worshipers would be screwed, so he is the only neutral thing they'll agree to protect.  Otherwise the city is an eight-territory gang land). 

#5062633 Personnel (strategy)

Posted by on 17 May 2013 - 12:50 PM

  • Use standing rectangles for portraits (its called portrait for a reason) and put those stats in some circles underneath the portrait. A small name tag including specialization should be sufficient. 
  • There seems to be a meter on the left, consider putting it on the right hand side to make it pop out more. Took some time for me to notice it. 
  • If you want to make it card-like, consider using stacks.
  • If you want to differentiate the top cards from the bottom ones, you could also make them slightly larger then the bottom ones, indicating their importance. 
  • The unused court members could still be able to give advice. Even if they are inactive they would still generate corruption (like our politicians do). 
  • I like the categories with tasks (war, intelligence, etc.)
  • You could put the category/title on top, folded into the card and make it slightly smaller then the version you have now. Then you would have room underneath it for pop-out speech bubbles and other info, which I guess you would have somehow. 

EDIT: remember that in the default view when the game starts, none of the task-slots will be filled with a person. So in the default mode, all the characters will be available in the lower part.

#5060554 What an emperor of a space empire does?

Posted by on 09 May 2013 - 06:53 AM

Something like this:

#5059749 Input method to emulate multiple sliders?

Posted by on 06 May 2013 - 09:10 AM

  • What kind of device are you building this for? I was assuming you are building for desktop (keyboard and mouse).
  • What is the range of the variables? 10s, 100s or 1000s of units to manipulate?

Here is another one:




You select the variables (x) you would like to manipulate and then spin the "wheel" below.

#5059643 Input method to emulate multiple sliders?

Posted by on 05 May 2013 - 11:32 PM

Argh! I had tasks planned for today and now this interesting problem came up :/

  • Is it possible to make the variables dependent on each other?
  • You could perhaps group them into pairs, then one slider would be manipulating the proportion between two variables instead of one.
  • Is it integers or real values you are manipulating? Sliders work well for real values but for integers you could use some "add/remove" buttons.

My best suggestion is to use a "megaslider":


All values are stuffed into the same slider. The black box indicates how much stuff you have unused. When you slide any arrow, the value of that variable changedand the segment is getting changed proportionally. In the lower image the light blue arrow has been manipulated to the right. As a result, the purple arrow is pushed to the right and the black box is reduced.

  • It's clear that they all use the same resource pool.
  • You see the proportions of the values.
  • Problem is that if some of the values are supposed to be small and some large, it might lead the user into thinking that they should all be large. Example: if soldiers/priests/worker proportion is perhaps 40/2/5000, it will be poorly represented in this system.
  • You can attach nice icons on the arrows.

#5059392 Write here the features you want for a Zombie Survival Game!

Posted by on 05 May 2013 - 02:44 AM

I would like to have a crafting system where you could build various forms of traps:

  • Snare
  • Pits
  • Spikes on some form of spring that is released upon triggers (a bit like mouse trap but larger)
  • Stumbling ropes.
  • Chemical traps - zombies are mushy, a strong solvent could do wonders!
  • Nets
  • Weapon traps - a weapon is mounted and when triggered starts to shoot
  • Heavy drops
  • Pour oil on ground in custom patterns which can be set on fire
  • Dynamite

Outline of crafting system of active weapons

  • Trigger (wall, ground, area of effect, quality - how reliable it is)
  • Damage mechanism (the thing that does the damage/releases the tool)

Further reference

#5059029 Flowcharts

Posted by on 03 May 2013 - 03:12 PM

Excel smile.png

It's not pretty, but it does work, and while its not free, a lot of people have already bundled it with their home computer purchase.


What benefits does Excel provide over Word (when it comes to flowcharts)?


  • An Excel spreadsheet page is very large compared to the very limited word page.
  • You can do calculations in the flow-chart which is sometimes needed.

#5059012 Flowcharts

Posted by on 03 May 2013 - 02:12 PM

  • If its a small drawing I would use something like powerpoint which is free online if you get a outlook account.
  • If it is a larger drawing then I would go Inkscape. It's interface is complex and different and from illustrator and visio, as it handles colors/formatting in a ankward way (my opinion), but it has connectors and "infinite" drawing space. It saves in .svg format or .pdf so sharing is pretty smooth. Best part: it's open source!

#5054497 Quick Question... equipment slots in an RPG

Posted by on 18 April 2013 - 03:32 AM

Another way of thinking about gear is to create sets of gear aimed at specific environments. Instead of replacing/equipping one item at a time, you would choose a "set" or "costume". Then there would be some editor where you could create and name these costumes. Of course, players would mostly want to wear the most optimal equipment at all times, so this might not be a good idea for your particular game.

#5053826 Ideas for a 5 min "How do I get started in games" video for kids.

Posted by on 16 April 2013 - 07:28 AM

  1. Replace textures in a finished game, using GIMP or other software.
  2. Modifying a select group of variables in a ready made game.
  3. Making a level for an existing side-scroller using one of the engines you mentioned above.
  4. Making a click and interact discovery game (I made my first story-game in hypercard for mac), where you come up with your story and logic with branching events based on clicks.

I don't think it matters so much which engine you use, as long as there is some help/community who can support the kids and it is possible to work with a template game.

#5053767 Location POIs

Posted by on 16 April 2013 - 03:59 AM

I would start by defining areas and transitions. Lets say the level begins in a explorer base, then there should be some kind of temple or some kind of ruin later on in the map. Same thing for snow-village. You start in the outskirts and then walk through the village. Deciding on if the village should be "poor" or "rich" can also be a guideline. Poor villages have more damaged buildings, less snow cleared etc. Rich villages have finer details on their buildings and more color. More snow is cleared and there are candles/lamps etc enlighting the road.  


Ice area

  • Mist & fog overlays
  • Snow that breaks loose and falls down
  • Icicles
  • Snowmen
  • Snow-clearing trucks & related gear (extra shovels)
  • Sand-boxes/salt boxes
  • Shovel (big, small - there are many different types of shovels)
  • Areas that are cleared from snow and areas that have not been cleared yet (more snow effects around feet of units)
  • Piles of snow where the trucks/people have gathered the snow
  • Snow-lanterns
  • Its usually dark when its winter (around where I live) so a lot of lamps and lights.
  • Stuff that has been frozen into the snow/left out when the snow came
  • Snow-toys (ice-skates, skiing gear, pulk, snow-shoes)
  • Husky pens
  • Snow pillow style: http://tradgardirostock.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/fc3a5gelbogran-snc3b6klc3a4dd.jpg?w=800 (heavy slow snowing over extended time, without wind)
  • Ice crust style: http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2535/4197718388_4c194bd591.jpg (fog+minus degrees)
  • Generic winter: http://mw2.google.com/mw-panoramio/photos/medium/62234279.jpg (snowing and cold for a long time, note tracks in snow and lack of snow on trees - it has blown down)
  • Depending on the part of the world, every village tends to have a center building (main house, church or something) wich other things are centered around.
  • Northern lights

#5053363 What to do in an evolution game?

Posted by on 15 April 2013 - 01:14 AM

I would make a simple sprite-based evolution game. You collect sprites wich are arms, legs, heads, main bodies and such. The player would sometimes need to collect sets of legs & arms to make some combinations work. Each "body part" would have its own capabilities (maxium rotational arc, reach, damage, special damage, health buffs etc.). Then you could go around in some boss/pvp battle environment and fight with this creature. Movement controlled by arrow keys and then you can map special arm/leg special attacks to mouse and keys. Every time you win you can pick one body-part to keep. For graphics - look at how plants vs zombies was made. They have a modular system for arms/heads/legs etc. The biggest challange would be to figure out how animations would work if you have 1,2,3 or 4 legged creatures. But perhaps you could base the whole thing on some templates. I would also make a marketplace where players could exchange body parts, but with a real cash fee attached to it so that I can get rich.



#5051743 Ideas needed for Blacksmith mini game.

Posted by on 10 April 2013 - 01:29 AM

  • Perhaps you could pick elements from IRL crafting and implement them: 

#5051606 How to retheme this game?

Posted by on 09 April 2013 - 03:29 PM

I would turn it into some kind of "farming game" where you would grow different types of consultants in stead of apples. In stead of development tasks they would be out doing various jobs: pruning trees, take care of kids, make websites and ultimately become a stand in for the president of the U.S. since everyone in the white house got a bad flu strain (<- "gradual" progress towards cooler jobs).


This is good since you can keep the original layout with office and workers, but scale up the game with job-modules: suburban small jobs, inner-city-small jobs, wall-street jobs, military jobs etc.


Your consultants would become better but also more expensive to keep.

#5050977 Logistics in a Strategy Game

Posted by on 07 April 2013 - 03:37 PM

I would make a "two sided tower defence game", where you would control the logistical flow to different bases. When they are well supplied they can pump out unit waves, which can defeat the enemy. The enemy would do the same thing. The player would have to balance the flows through the network. The tool for doing so would be some settings in each node and "vertice" that connects it to other nodes. Resources move out of base back to home-base, while units and troops move away. Dont know if this makes any sense. The player would play it by manipulating what is produced in the main-base, and then manipulate what and how much units should go where. The numbers indicate how many units are "fortifying" the node. 



Uhh... my language has degraded... to much sc2 :S