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In Topic: Need advice for portfolio

20 March 2014 - 03:21 PM

Given that Frob mentioned that Wix isn't all that viewer friendly and doing some additional research about website builders, I think I'll take down my portfolio for now. Luckily, I'm still within my 14 day money back period with Wix. As for the portfolio itself, it'll exist, but I'm still gathering and locating as many of my old documents, pictures, and other materials as possible to update and redo my project pages.

In Topic: Need advice for portfolio

19 March 2014 - 04:35 PM

Your portfolio makes it seem like you have no area to specialize in. But then you state level design which is too niche. Find a scope thats narrow yet broad enough to define what you are without pigeonholing yourself. Are you a programmer? Artist? Which one? Initially no one makes it in as a desginer at first.


I'm not much of an artist, and my programming skills aren't so great (I'd say average) but definitely better than my art skills. The languages I know are C and C#.


Edit: ISDCaptain01, I'd rather describe what I want to do rather than use labels, but since labeling is a much quicker way for people to look at you, I went with it.


Edit 2: I made some edits, but more will be incoming in the next few days.

In Topic: Need advice for portfolio

19 March 2014 - 06:51 AM

Okay, reviewing it again on my PC.
It is a wix site. Many of the fancy wix features do not work on tablets, nor do they work on desktop computers with anti-spyware plugins, do-not-track plugins, or other defensive measures.  Be aware that some potential employers may choose to not look at your portfolio because of those choices. It breaks middle click, breaks tabs, and makes it hard to navigate that way I want.
I don't see what you want to be. Modeler? Level designer? I'll assume you want to be a modeler since that is the only thing that seems to be consistent.

Four projects and one internship video to review.
First one, the only words I care about are this little block:

My contributions consist of:
1. Title of the game
​2. 3D models of the crops, barn, and silo
3. Creation of the three major faction representatives
4. Design of the core request system
5. Concept for use of food and hunger to drive the narrative


I get to assume that everything else in the game was made by someone else. and I need to look through the game to see those things. 
1 -- don't care, but mildly interesting. I'm not looking for a marketer
2 -- Modeler experience. I would prefer you have images of them specifically, but since you called them out I can play the game and see them. You modeled three things.
3 -- Looks like minor design details from my view.
4 -- another seeming minor design detail, unless you have something more to add about it
5 -- implementation detail from brainstorming. 
Next one, same thing, only those five lines seem to matter with the rest being fluff.
My contributions consist of:
1. Level design and layout
2. 3D models of all architecture
3. Textures of all architecture
4. Design of the trap system
5. Designed the special attack icon
1 -- Much of the levels that I can see appear haphazard, so with no guidance it does not inspire me.
2, 3, 5 -- If we're looking at the same game, and if those blocks with rough textures are your best work, don't expect a call back.
4 -- You helped brainstorm the design
Next. ARC.

1. General game play programming
2. Art asset implementation

1 -- I'm not hiring a programmer.
2 -- some of the graphics are interesting. So far probably the best graphics of the bunch.

Finally, get in shape.

1. Made 3D placeholders objects in Maya.
​2. Assembled art and script assets in Unity3D.
3. Coordinated artists and programmers with scrum goals.
4. Designed, prototyped, and finalized the track and level layout

1 -- could mean many things, making a few boxes and cubes is hardly spectacular
2 -- place them in the right directory and Unity does that for you.
3 -- Light management
4 -- light design, and based on the look of the levels, not much of it.

And your blog that is on the site. It doesn't provide any evidence that you can do the job, even going so far as to point out how quickly you have been rejected.

If you are trying to get a job as a modeler, show me your best models. Make it clear up front that you are a world-class modeler. Show me your best work from school if you must. Show me your best work outside of school if you can. I expect to see twenty to fifty models that I could use in my AAA game.


If you are trying to get a job as a level designer, show me your best levels. Make it clear up front that you are a world-class level designer. Describe in detail the decisions you made, why you made them, what makes them particularly noteworthy. I expect to see at least ten well-designed levels, each annotated about why you think they are well-designed.


I was going to try to annotate one of your pictures to comment on it, but your choice of heavily-scripted wix for your site makes that difficult so I'm not going to bother. 



Your portfolio is supposed to showcase your best work.  Is your best work really pyramid trees and roughly textured box buildings? Is your best work a simple island with a wooden boardwalk?


What I want to do is take the art assets that the artists made and place them in the game through an editor, designate encounters (if there's combat), and script out commands or events that are supposed to trigger when a state or flag is active.


I suppose I want to work as a level designer. This has me puzzled, do I also show a video run through in addition to annotated images? Do I use assets I made or assets already made by others in modding editors? 


As for Wix, I tried using wordpress and it was a nightmare. Do you have any particular recommendations or can you point me to other sites that are better than Wix?

In Topic: Need advice for portfolio

18 March 2014 - 09:04 AM

Heres some quick (Highly Unqualified) Feedback. Sorry if its a bit harsh, I am a believer that padding doesn't really help anyone.


First off check spelling and Grammar. There are many grammatical mistakes. If you cant take the time to make sure your own profile is error free, why would I trust you to work on my products.


For the home page, nobody really cares that you used to want to be a doctor, just get rid of that. The little quip about Asian-American parents can be off putting to some as well. Theres no reason to list every genre of game you play, Its already assumed that you play games its just fluff.


Also you describe your self as an Animator, Recorder, Actor, Level Designer, Producer and Programmer. That is not impressive, that is hurting you. That just means that either:


A. You are just throwing in Buzzwords because you are desperate for anyting.

B. You generally believe that you can fit any of those roles, which you cannot.


Somebody is hiring you to fill a specific position, they want somebody that can fill that position well, not do a poor job at everything.

Choose the thing that you are best at and gear your portfolio and apply to positions for that specific position.



I do like that the site is simple to navigate and easy to see where everything is.


Now onto Portolio:


First off, why is it in reverse chronological order, lead with your latest (And hopefully best) work.


Since its not clear what you even do, its difficult to even know what I should be looking at, once again choose what your good at and be like "Hi im Ray, im a [Insert position here]."


Right off the bat, it leaves me fairly unimpressed. I see a bunch of crude screenshots so first impressions are not great.

All of your projects seem to be school projects that you worked on a team with, and an internship project which honestly looks just like busy work they gave you since they didnt have anything else. None of the projects scream "This is what Ray Ng can do, Hire Him". They all just say "This is what my team did, i contributed". (As frob so eloquently says)

Leave out your contributions if it is "Title of the Game" and "Placeholder Assets". That is actively hurting you since it just sounds like you weren't able to do anything else so your team just gave you busy work.


Remove the Blog. It has nothing to do with your professional life, and when the first post is "I applied for an internship and was immediately rejected" that is seriously hurting your chances.




Sorry if all this was a little harsh, Its just what my impressions are from viewing it. Ultimately, you need to focus on what area you actually are good at, and make that clear. Likewise you need to blow people away, you cant just show them subpar group projects for school.


It's ok if you're harsh, I need to develop a thick skin if I want to work in the videogame industry. As for the pitiful projects and internship games, that's all that I have at the moment. Since graduating 10 months ago, I couldn't find a job (any job) anywhere and can't move elsewhere without funding. That being said, I'm thinking of going back to school in the fall and thus, asked for advice on what I can do to improve upon it.


If there's more advice and critiques from other people, I'd love to hear more of it.

In Topic: Are there good c++ programming books for beginners?

02 May 2013 - 12:01 PM

Well, I want to start learning more general video game programming such as movement, raycasting, input detection, collision detection, etc. I know I'll need to cover the basics so I'll start right away, thanks!