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In Topic: OpenGL C++ Wrapper

03 April 2013 - 08:51 AM

No its not like OGL, it does not solve the same problem.


OGL provides a library to OpenGL API in an object oriented way but personal perspective of the author. It also provides math library and assets management. It can be viewed as a low-level graphics engine.


GLPP is only a OpenGL C++ API. It tries to follow the notion of OpenGL objects as defined by the specification and does NOT create any higher all-included objects or change/hide any details of the OpenGL API. It also tries to enforce other constrains of the specifications by using more strict typing wherever is possible. Thus if you are familiar with OpenGL API it will be trivial to use it. It can be easily coupled with GLM and create a graphic engine. So the target audience is graphics engines programmers, or directly OpenGL programmers.