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#5042955 political correctness and captured prisoners in rpg

Posted by on 13 March 2013 - 09:10 PM

Enslaving doesnt work too well if there is a lack of controllability (via threat of easy overpowering and punishment, restriction on movement/action, longterm mental adjustments that prevent consideration of contrary actions, etc...)  Caveman days was a little to freeflowing for alot of those things.


Caveman X is enslaved by Caveman Y and at first opportunity brains caveman Y with a convenient rock and make his escape.  Not too practical.  Stealing women might be more common but thats more adoption than enslavement.



BTW if multiple humans existed in the same local there WERE social conventions (even animals do this) so you might have to build up proper repercussion for 'taking things too far'  (and making it plain to the player )   That is actually were the complexity explodes in behavior mechanisms where you move up a magnitude.    To be closer to realistic there has to be 'history' not just reactions of the moment.  Things happen as a continuum where an action has results/effects that may last a long time - the overall situation has to be considered in motivations and reactions you can get.




Another avenue may be people who want to join you (strength in numbers and survival dependant on sharing resources).  A typical 'capital' punishment' in many nomadic societies would be exile where the environment was often such that it basicly WAS a death penalty.   It also might make you look more than twice at someone who comes along solo who cant provide an adaqute reason who MAY have been exiled and might not be the best candidate to join you ....


Another consideration is balance.  You COULD enslave that person but do you need them will they supply something you need or already have too much of.   One guy has 10 slaves (with little autonomy) and unless he is mean enough to cow them all sufficiently one might get the idea that with a few others they might easily overpower the master.     Too many women for one Caveman and it throws off the 'hunter gatherer' balance (he has to/cant hunt too much to maintain the nutritional balance to be flexible in the seasonal variations)





Something I formulated years ago - all social interactions are part of a negotiated agreement of some kind.   " I dont attack you and you dont attack me"  is one of the simplest.    Another is  "I join you and do what you say and I make use (and add to ) your resources."


It all is based on getting something you want/need and giving/supplying something in return that isnt too much.

#5042931 Lack of creativity in so many games - endless killing

Posted by on 13 March 2013 - 07:16 PM

MW3 you manage to shoot down half the Russian army pretty much by yourself (and they almost  line up to let you do so)


Bioshock where you slaughter hundreds of opponents pretty much the same way and literally murder children to get further in the game. 


Bullet Sponge player characters in all these games when a single bullet in reallife usually takes you out of the action.



You would think they could come up with alternatives to make the games less a slaughterhouse and more varied ("you kill one russian soldier/splicer youv'e killed them all".)


You can still spectacularly blow things up in various creative ways.  The guns can still go bang bang and things kaboom with glitzy special effects. 


Wouldnt making your enemy take to their heels and not stop running be a similar ego boost for the player?  Still count as 'beaten' ?


How about clever distractions/blocking an enemy to nullify them?


More wounding and disabling instead of an obvious "he's dead jim" ?



Or is it just 'too hard' for these game companies who use nealy the same game logic as 10-15 years ago on the same old trigger box choreographed terrain situations.  Too much budget for fancy scenery/special effects/cutscenes,  when the behaviors (and game mechanics of possible actions)  are left in their 'good enuf' stagnation?



SO  what else can we have the players/game do ?


More capturing enemies (get points for that)  and Incompacitation is what counts.

More enemies that run away/surrender  (with a few that might come back so you better keep your eyes open)

More effects of wounds on YOU to shift the way you have to fight (ditto for enemy)

More actions to cause distractions/obscuration/blockage of the enemy to handle them (and they do the same to you making you use the terrain on-the-fly more)

More obvious wounding (instead of death) that you know they are out of the fight

More emphasis on the objective rather than bodycout for scoring

More interesting results that can suprise the player (quality over quantity of deathdealing)

More tactics/actions  to handle situations (may have to have player fed directions from 'sarge' to clue them in to what they can do for a situation instead of 'scream and charge' like they were bulletproof.)




Things that stand in the way of improvements:


Players who dont want to have to think

Costly programming/assets that eat into the profits when the suckers keep buying the same old thing anyway

Steeper learning curve for more options/actions to use them right

Chronic mentality of Ego and Insta-gratification


Harder to make a game free flowing (well short of a stealth game)