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Galactic Supremacy - Release

29 July 2013 - 08:58 AM


Galactic Supremacy is a free multiplayer space strategy game on Facebook that allows you to build an Intergalactic Empire.

The game has been developed by Blue Turtle, an independent video game studio formed by 4 people.

Galactic Supremacy is a space management game (i.e. 4x game: eXploration, eXploitation, eXpansion, eXtermination) that beyond the fundamentals renews the genre thanks to major innovations:
- 9 playable alien races: Characteristics, Attributes & racial Powers specific to each
- New range of combat system: Spying, Interception of fleets, Carrying of light ships, Planet conquests
- Management of resources: Raw materials, Population and Money
- Technology tree: Discovery and development of technologies coming from player's previous specializations
- Persistent universe: Visual evolutions of buildings, 35 kind of planets and moons, Musical themes,...

At the head of your empire, you define your own strategy: build alliances, manage your trade, exploit asteroids, and battle your opponents.

We invite you to discover the application: https://apps.facebook.com/galacticsupremacy/

We wish you a good game!
The Blue Turtle team


For any problem you can contact us on the community page of the game: https://www.facebook.com/GalacticSupremacy