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Nyphoon Games

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2D Concept Art - Feedback Needed

11 January 2014 - 11:40 AM

The past few days, I have been working hard on some concept art for my upcoming 2D physics-based platform game. I want to get a grip on the art style before moving on to the generation and level-creation. These are the first couple of concept art pieces I've finished: 




As you can see, I'm going for a minimalistic look, although the colours are subject to change, depending on the storyline I go for.


The mechanics of this physics platform game resolve around a snowball. Rolling around would make you bigger and can help you break down or move obstacles. Being small, on the other hand would permit you to jump longer distances and to squeeze through narrow gaps. The first piece of concept art I posted got generally very good feedback ... until I posted it on Reddit and Imgur.


On the latter social networks, I didn't get any constructive feedback, with mostly [supposedly] trolls commenting with garbage and down-voting it. This contrasted a lot with the feedback I received both on a number of Facebook groups (dedicated to game developers) and [especially] on Twitter, where many commended the style. And this is the reason why I'm here.


I admit it was a bit tough to fathom that after the good feedback I received by game developers, the concept art was being trashed by others. I'm not sure whether those who trashed it were actually trolls or not, which demotivated me a little, I have to admit. I would love some constructive feedback about this concept art. What do you think about the style?


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The Ark: Relaunch

20 March 2013 - 05:02 PM

For a destroyed world, The Ark's launch means humanity's second chance and solitary hope.
The Ark: Relaunch
Developer: Nyphoon Games ( http://nyphoon.com )
Genre: Action Space-Shooter
License: Freeware + some engines will be open-sourced
Engine: jME3
Platforms: Windows, Linux, OS X (unconfirmed)
Release Date: Q1 2015
The Ark: Relaunch is a space shooter game which has been under development since late 2012. The game builds on its predecessor, yet will be making notable changes in every aspect - including a completely new gameplay engine. So far, much of the work has been put into a number of Procedural Generation engines.
A sample of our work on the Procedural Generation engines we're building from scratch:
Some of the features we're planning on including:
Your support is our fuel! You can contact us or follow our progress on a number of social networks:
E-mail: nyphoongames@gmail.com