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And let there be light. > It is not much, but its something...

Posted 21 March 2013

So my development journey actually began March 1st 2013, but I did not really have an outlet until now. I was at a friends house, and I actually gave up video games for lent, so they were all playing COD and other various games so I decided to draw a picture. This was not really a particularly good picture, but it was more complex than the things I usuall...

And let there be light. > The beginning, like of everything...

Posted 21 March 2013

Hello anyone who happens to read this!So I have never wrote a blog, but than again I have never developed a game either. I am at the total beginning of my development journey and I just wanted a way to track my thoughts and actions, as well as put my experiences out there for public critique, and advice.I have always wanted to "make video games" since I w...