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Physics 2d biped using box2d

23 March 2013 - 09:43 AM

Hello all

I am finally asking for help with this, when I started investigating if 2d skeletal animation was possible via physics, I came across numerous sources which basically stated its doable, but it’s very hard problem. I thought I would give it a shot any way. I now know it is a very very hard problem. I came across simbcon I finally thought I had found the light, little did I know converting from simbicon to box2d still seemed a bit tricky.


Anyhow I have been working with this in box2d for sometime now, and I would like some advice on what to do next, I have read so many research papers on how to achieve forms of locomotion in 2d, but me and maths do not gel, I know this pretty much goes hand in hand with what I am trying to achieve, so I have done my best to understand the basic fundamentals.


I am currently at a stage where I have got a neat code base where I can load in the models via JSON,  can basiclly then import various animations poses which contain joint angles, the biped will simply try to reach those positions via joint motors. Once all joints are in range of the target position, the next pose is driven towards.


Now This works, but as any who has tried to do this before will know, there will be some oscillations which just make the movement look silly and unstable.


What I think  I need to do now is reduce the ground force when a foot is in contact with the ground and also add PD controllers, If this is the case I would like to implement the easiest one first, or if there is anything else I can do next, to reach my goal, or even if my current approach is seriously flawed point me in the right direct.


Is there anything in Box2d preventing me from achieving walk motions like simbicon, from what I gather the majority of variables are available to get a simbicon style biped in box2d


My experience is also competent as programmer, I just find those research papers hard to convert the formulas with the symbols into useable code.


Thanks for reading this, and I am a long term lurker, go easy on me ;)


I am hoping to open source all this if I can achieve something worthwhile.