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#5046441 found an amazing programming tutorial conglomeration!

Posted by on 25 March 2013 - 12:45 AM

Yes, i agree, cross checking any information is good practice. 



On a separate  note, there are a lot of tutorials on YT and the web that teach well, but also have flaws and not the best methodology, and your gonna get conflicting information, unless you pay well for professional instruction(and even that is not perfect), but  in thenewbostons defense, i say from going over many of his videos, that he does have a nice lead against a lot of the webcam junkie "instructors" that have flooded YT.


And what i think puts him ahead, is his way of teaching. Its very down to earth, and the most relateable i have seen yet.  I say with so many people asking "where do i start to learn ______???" thenewboston is choice number one, if at least to get the absolute basics down.