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what do programmers do on their off time?

01 April 2013 - 11:43 PM

I find my self needing a break from time to time, but i also have a project im working on, with a few people involved. Now, there is no time quota its all hobbyist stuff, but i do feel the need to always be learning more about programming, since i am the java programmer, and i am fairly new, learning about programming and programming theorys and concepts for about 7 months now, and the actual syntax of the java language for 4 months now.


Now back to this break i was talking about... i use to, well play games! all the time... if i wasnt eating sleeping or trying to hack the lastest andriod, id be on My Xbox roaming the wastelands of Fallout 3(aweeeesssooommee game, my favorite... i want to create one of the likes one day) untill my eyes were bloodshot...


now i have sold my xbox because, yes i did get tired of it, and it sat doing nothing for about 6 months, collecting dust... with my new found hobby of wanting to create and program games!


but Now i find my self not knowing what to do, to relax and get my mind off the next problem at hand, or wanting to test some new code i have written down. i try getting on youtube and watching funny cat videos, epic fail compilations, or people doing this new found harlem shake(disturbing i know!) but i always end up getting sidetracked with a little voice telling me"hey, you really should learn how to do_____"<- fill in the blank". And i go and look up random tutorials on how to do, whatever i need to do at the moment for another hour, just getting my self back to the mind set of"Damn i need a break!" And the horrible cycle continues


what do you do for relaxing? I know it sounds corny but its becoming a real problem! like i really cant seem to relax like i use to. Any sugestions would be much appreciated.


Sorry for boring you with my personal life and its problems if you just dont care xD.

Linked lists question

30 March 2013 - 06:45 PM

im learning about arrays and lists in java and i come across linked lists and i have yet to think of a useful way of using them... mabe im not fully understanding their capabilites? if anyone could clear this up greatly appreciated!

windows 7 being annoying with networking issue, help anyone?

28 March 2013 - 05:23 PM

i know some about computers, not much about networking (at all) and i can usally fix most problems i have, but this one


so ill set up what i got.


my problem is my main desktop(windows 7) cant see any other computers under my network tab, and my others computers cant see it.


the main desktop is connected to my gateway/router, 1 of my other computers are directly connected to my router, and another connected to a switch, which is connected to my router. those 2 computers communicate just fine...


they all have windows 7 home premium, the one that cant see the other computers, did not have windows 7 at purchase, i just recently installed home premium(all my others have home premium) onto it.


yes i have checked the setting about sharing, i have my drives shared, no passwords set, the same workgroup, discovery is on, and they all have internet access, and are successful at getting the speed im sold by my ISP.


there's one thing on my main desktop, when i open my device and printer windows, from control panel  my PC has a yellow triangle and requires trouble shooting, and right click and select trouble shooting, it does its thing, and says that im missing a driver for PCI simple Communications controller, and it wants to install it(fix the problem), i click fix, it does its thing, and says it cannot install it and directs me to the stupid windows help window which offers no help.


thank you anyone who can try to help me resolve this issue, i really need to get my computer networked with my others.



found an amazing programming tutorial conglomeration!

25 March 2013 - 12:12 AM

http://thenewboston.org/index.php !!!!!!!


anyone who wants to start learning programming should go here, i cant believe hes not more known... since i found him im learning new concepts every single day about java!


but hes got more, like C#. PHP. C++, and just general game programming concepts.


its all TOTALLY FREE! hes over 2,000 videos! its crazy!



how long did you take until you made a game worth playing?

24 March 2013 - 09:46 PM

how long did you learn and practice, whatever language or art form you do, till you could, alone or with a partner, make a game thats worth playing?


worth playing, meaning, a bit more than a game like asteroids...


but doesnt have to be as in depth as AOE or civ or something :P... something that continues on, has a story line  or some kind of changing continuous play, thats at least a little involved...

may it be hours, or days or weeks worth of playing time.


also what kind of background did you have... like what kind of professional or non-pro teaching did you have? were you tottaly self taught?