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In Topic: Dissidia

02 May 2015 - 05:22 PM


What is there to consider when First building a game as such? The stat? the goal? The features? 3d space maneuver?


These are mostly things you would have to guage on your own end. A tiny amount of programming exp.erience is an ambigous statement


The goals ideally are realistic, and are usually directly proportionally to the amount of time you and your team have to invest into the project. Does your team have financial backing for this project, do they have a job, or children? It might sound like a rather unrelated inquire but these things usually have a direct relation to the progression of the project and the projected goals you initally set.



Is it a necessity to create a new physics engine? 
If so, how should i start?


Not nesecarily, you could use a pre-made physics engine and depending on the time-frame you set for the project to be completed, might be a bit more advantegous to prevent scope creep. (Bullet-Engine, Havox are a few pre-made ones)



I hope this doesn't sound, or is actually not too ambitious


It sounds very ambitious, especially if your still learning how to code. But then again nothings impossible. Just remember even the more mundane 3D effects have a lot going on under the hood to produce the final result. The diffculity to reproduce thse effects are usually going to be exemplified exponentially by the less experince you have in programming and 3D application development.



In Topic: C++ : multiple inheritance & casting

29 December 2014 - 06:52 PM


The rigid inheritance structure will give you problems when you need one aspect of a class without another thats already inherited, causing code duplication or bloated objects or objects with deactivated parts.


Wintertime is correct,


For instance, in your provided code, struct Box is not only going to inherit those two parent structure's (public GraphicalObject, public DynamicObject) but also whatever parents those structures inherit (A no-brainer of course but with multiple inheritance this can make things baloon fast). Also, member encapsulation is gone since these are structures and all of their members have by default public access modifiers. Meaning through struct Box one will be able to call all of the inherited and implicintly inherited struct's variables and Methods.



In Topic: directinput get data from Logi G27 wheel

28 December 2014 - 05:24 PM

Does Windows recognise the device? Maybe it's the wording,



i can not get any data from G27


That's leaving me to interpret several things. Where in the provided code does your implementation fail?

During initlization of DirectInput8? Or during the Enumeration of the available devices? Or it it able to enumerate the device, but fails to poll data?


Are the latest drivers installed for that wheel?

If Logitech provideds their own drivers for that wheel, I'd bank on that over PnP.



In Topic: When to set animations?

22 December 2014 - 01:28 AM

Alundra I believe is suggesting to combine all of your animation states into an enumeration. (Correct me if I misinterpreted)


Basically setup an enum like so:


public enum Anim_States


Then depending on user input or a collision you would assign a value to the enumerator member. Then when it comes time to tween, you do something like so,

switch (eAnim)

      //Morph between falling down keyframes


     //Morph betweenpicking nose keyframes


    //Morph between walking keyframes



as soon as you know what ani to play? (immediate processing)


You could do that, but you could also look into event queues (somewhat of a deferred processing setup) for your framework or engine. Have some event type that gets generated based upon event notifications (Player pushes on Analoug stick, Granny falls down stairs and breaks hip).





In Topic: 3 Choices: Console.ReadKey(); Does Not Work?

26 November 2014 - 04:20 AM



I'll assume that your attempting to parse out the characters respecitively with some branching not shown in your provided code.

But seeing where you actually perform the branching with your reference to ConsoleKeyInfo is pivotal.


P.s. If at all possible, try utilizing source tags. Makes the code a bit more readable.