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In Topic: "Click to start the game"

27 October 2014 - 12:56 PM

Depends on the game and if the player is going to be thrown into the action right away.


A game I made for Android for fun was a 3D-Pacman clone in which starting the player off in the level right after he died and lost a life, or just completed a level was a bit bombastic and ultimately jarring to the end-users ultimate experience. This issue I feel was dealt with by just swiping up on the screen, as noted by the picture below



In Topic: How Can I Make This Scene Look Better

27 October 2014 - 11:12 AM

Well, it seems the addition of lighting and more so the tweaking of the intensity of said light has I believe added a lot more "weight" to the scene, as pointed to be servant and frob.


Now as multiple members have mentioned, adding grime and mutli-texturing i'm sure will continue to add to it.


As far as post-processing goes, I think a little bloom, MAYBE a film-grain effect.


I think normal-mapping will help with the ceiling tiles and carpet.


P.s. The Point-Light attenuation needs to be worked on a bit, but I think so far, so good. Oh! And a HUD and a Gun. Then it's ready for screen shot saturday biggrin.png



In Topic: How Can I Make This Scene Look Better

27 October 2014 - 04:32 AM

Where is this hallway located? Is it a hospital... just a generic office building. I'd think it has to be hospital cause of the wheel chair but either way....


Actually, your almost there, it's a nursing home. Much creepier. My visit to a nursing home when I was 6 was terrifying.




Add normal maps and shadows.


No doubt there needs to be shadows. Normal Maps are kinda iffy. Maybe for the tiled ceiling and carpet but aside from that the wallpaper is flat, the polished wood triming while shiny is ultimately smooth making even a specular map a bit to bold.


The scene will take place a at night, so when it comes to luminance of light through the window, I was pondering that maybe the orangish high-discharge diffuse from street-lamps lightly creeping through the Window could be applicable and/or maybe a flash of lightning smile.png



P.s. I added more items to the scene and having it mirror my earlier blender scene with the addition of the faint red-light at the end of the hall (my previous post) has added A LOT to the final render. Also of course it's phong shading works masterfully to it's advantage!



In Topic: Need some help, can't figure out what's wrong

26 October 2014 - 03:08 AM

I Ran into a similar issue with the XNA Math Library. I believe the exception is being thrown from the transpose method. Basically, and this is a bit of an assumption on my part, but your passing mis-aligned data that will ultimately straddle the underlying SIMD registers.


Whats already been touched upon is true (Objects Dynamically allocated on the heap are 8-byte aligned and XNA math and apparently DirectXMath require 16-byte alignment)


A solution I came upon is more or less what BuckEye has already touched upon but a bit more drastic, and I would imagine if not used properly; dangerous. By overloading the new operator.


template<size_t Alignment> class AlignedAllocationPolicy



    static void* operator new(size_t size)


        return _aligned_malloc(size,Alignment);


    static void operator delete(void* memory)







the New and Delete operator are both overloaded. Obviously if you allocate a block of memory with a certain byte offset, you want to deallocate by that same byte offset

You could store this above template code in a .h file if you please. Then to utilize it, you do something akin to,


class A : public AlignedAllocationPolicy<16> //where you pass the byte offset as an argument


Now, personally this has always seemed hackish to me. But, it works with the XNA Library. Also make sure your Vector and Matrice types are members of this child class.


P.s. The reason why I THINK 16-Byte alignment is needed is because XNA and once again DirectXMath (I have not used the later) utilize the SIMD registers on the cpu for general efficiency for 32-bit ops. So passing data that is not 16-bit aligned will straddle the registers. Kinda similar to packing Constant Buffers for Shaders.  (Correct me if the previous paragraph was misinformed)



In Topic: How Can I Make This Scene Look Better

25 October 2014 - 11:57 PM

I think the simple addition of light, and the patterns of shadows and light cast on walls, help make many scenes come more alive


Wow, you right. It makes it feel like it's actually connected with the world! I once read an article about projective light-maps. That could be a quick and simple way to accomplish that, however i'm sure there are a few ways to approach the frustrum of light coming through the window. (I also had a nerdgasm thinking about the particle system that could be implemented with the specs of dust crossing through the beams of light biggrin.png )


I haven't decided on whether or not I am going to do Shadow Volumes or Shadow Mapping, the latter I actually have some experience with.


Thanks for the input guys! I have to work on gameplay first being it's the most important thing but when I get to the polish phase I'll revisit this page