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In Topic: Improving yourself by improving your environment

05 April 2013 - 01:32 PM

I don't have any programmer friends (though I do have a friend who does game development, but he's not really a programmer)


You know what, it's great to just go out. Like Cornstalks said, not programming for a day won't kill you.

In Topic: What's you favorite and most hated part of coding?

05 April 2013 - 01:26 PM

I love solving really tough problems on my own. I dislike spending a ton of time on a single problem.


I love writing a long piece of code, then running it and finding out it has no bugs. I hate writing long pieces of code that I can't break up into smaller parts.


I love creating a ton of different parts at the same time. I dislike gluing them all together.

In Topic: Chromebook

05 April 2013 - 12:26 PM

Chromebooks are good enough for browsing the web and playing flash games. But for programming you would need to install Linux. The HDD space on those things is pretty small (because it's solid state). So I am not sure how good it would be for programming. You can find some pretty cheap HP laptops that are decent.

In Topic: Where are all the good GUI libraries?

05 April 2013 - 08:29 AM

I always just roll my own GUI Library with features that are specific to each game. I should probably just write one that can be used across all my games, but to lazy fo' that.


GUI's for me are the most trivial task in game development, it doesn't take a long time providing you don't need super complex things.


The only real problems I have come across is scrolling.

In Topic: Converting the mouse position to

05 April 2013 - 08:20 AM

I do not know if this would help, I do not use this language, But when I did the same thing in the language I use,  I had to relocate the call to the function to draw the mouse to a different section of the Draw/Renderworld Loop.


  Where as I had the mouse draw prior to updating the world, I had to move it to after the update/render world code and then do a page flip.


This solved my problem as it was much like yours.


Again!!  I stress that I am using a different language!!

Language shouldn't matter, implementation does.