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In Topic: Which brushes does he use ?

04 April 2013 - 01:02 PM

You should look at deviant, there are plenty of free brush's. The most important ones depend on the type of work you are doing. Do you have a pen pad? are you working with a mouse? Keep in mind that if you work is done with a mouse ( like myself ) you will have 5 strokes for every 1 stroke of a draw pad, possibly more depending on the style of line you want. With that said here is a list of some of the ones I use on a regular basis







And for a list of them all ( for you to look through )


This is so nice, thank you ! :)
Yes I am using a tablet. I have a hard time believing you can draw with a mouse ! hehe I've done it in the past but as I was before then a non-digital artist, I quickly found myself to be a lot more comfy with a little wacom when I entered the digital world. The difference in stability was highly noticeable. You must have a special mouse with pressure / velocity thingy ?
Anyways, I will definitely check these brushes links, I entered these forums especially to make contacts with helpful people like you guys. ^^  <3

In Topic: Which brushes does he use ?

31 March 2013 - 03:32 PM

this is my work: 


I use Sai instead of Corel

Turn the opacity down to 80~90%, a 10~15% of color blending, that brush would handle most of it.

Along with a 90~95% soft end eraser would do.

lso paint in 200~300% size canvas of what is meant to be seen. 

Thanks ! Lovely work on your youtube. I went to see a colored drawing in one of you videos and you're doing great. 
So the type of brush is personal taste only ? I sense that most digital artists don't use hairy brushes configs. I see mostly Basic round, custom smeary round, to have a clean round strike with some bleed, without bristles.
I see you always start by coloring the whole thing with a brown for the first color layer, then move on with some lighting with a beige, and then you go for the other palettes in detail. What is your reason for that ? It gives you a lighting suggestion for when you're going to add the colors ?