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Binary Cats > Unity Editor Data Entry 2.0

Posted 02 April 2016

Unity Data Entry  
So, unity has a problem. Well, ok lots of problems, but I want to talk about a specific one. Data entry and how things can quickly get out of hand. For those who are unaware, unity allows you to edit serialize data through the editor using an 'inspector window'. http://imgur.com/eaG1ZGl.png  My script has 3 variables th...

Binary Cats > The Mechanical Heart: Room Generation

Posted 21 March 2015

The Mechanical Heart
Development Blog

Sorry for the laps in journals lately I have recently (by recently I mean 4 months ago) acquired a job as a Mobile game Developer. In this Journal I will discuss the room generation system in The Mechanical Heart. We have already dis...

Binary Cats > The Mechanical Heart: Art Update

Posted 27 December 2014

The Mechanical Heart
Development Blog

This Week I would like to share some of the art and the process we have gone through from the concept.


Here are some concepts for the enemies in The Mechanical Heart. The Brief was pretty simple(ish) old, worn out, killer robots that are slightly amphomorphic.

This R...

Binary Cats > The Mechanical Heart: Good Vibrations

Posted 01 December 2014

The Mechanical Heart
Development Blog

One of the biggest problems with creating 2D games is adding weight to the players actions, if you are not careful the controls can feel 'floaty' or light. Good animations can really help combat having your main character float around the screen, but another good way, which I will discuss today, is screen shake....

Binary Cats > The Mechanical Heart: Solo+ Development

Posted 15 November 2014

The Mechanical Heart
Development Blog

I had planned on writing about screen shake this week, but unfortunately the screen shake I came up with didn't look as good as I wanted. So (hopefully) I will get time to finish it next week. So instead I would like to talk about a development style (/ team size) that I have adapted for The Mechanical Heart whic...