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#5078689 How far can we go before having trouble ?

Posted by on 18 July 2013 - 07:08 AM


Since I have a sick and twisted mind, I'm wondering how far can we go before having trouble with "not-nice-things" in games ?


some examples:

- Have an extremely racist main character ?

- Play a terrorist that try to drop a bomb in a public place ? (with score based on victims number)

- Play a kid doing a bloodbath in its school ?

- Show naked children ? (not in a sexual context)

- A torture&murder simulation game ? with rape ?


and if we overstep the line, is there any risk beyond interdiction to sell in some countries (which would be a nice advertising^^) ?


Edit: I'm from France, but I guess it's more or less the same in most of the Europe and north America countries ?

#5078402 The future of graphic APIs

Posted by on 17 July 2013 - 03:37 AM

The truth is that everything else is just gravy.  You get cleaner, more efficient, higher performing ways of doing things, but contrary to what marketing departments would like you to think, there's absolutely nothing you can do in D3D11 that you can't also do in D3D9 (or even OpenGL ARB assembly shaders).  You will be doing it differently, for sure, and it may not be viable for real-time with the older APIs, but the capability remains there.

That's a ridiculous statement. Of course you can "do everything with older API's just not in real time". Just like you could compute everything on the CPU then write the output in a texture then render it, or you could also "compute" everything with a pen and paper then push buttons to display the output, if you don't do any mistakes you'll also have the same output.

That's the point of new APIs, make thing easier and faster, and faster mean new algorithms allowed for real time simulation.

You think you are thinking outside the box while you are reinventing the wheel.