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recommended, up to date tutorials for begining open GL

26 April 2014 - 02:03 AM

hey, im new(ish) to programming, im learning alot and enjoying my experience's almost as much as shouting at my pc on a regular basis. smile.png


could someone please recommend a few sites where i can learn / begin reading about open GL, i have had a little poke around and there are so many different versions and books etc, its quite confusing i appreciate all and any recommendations... thanks


*Edit* sorry should have said im using c++ and visual studio 12/13

Help Creating my first Game with DirectDraw or DirectX9?

17 October 2013 - 11:11 AM

hey, my problem is that i have to create a small 2D game using DirectX and i can't seem to find any decent tutorials out there, i am relatively new to programming and its as exciting as much as it is frustrating..


i wanna take this step by step so first things first, i want to open a window, initialise DirectX and draw a background, are there any tried and tested tutorials out there that you would recommend to me? unsure.png


might be worth mentioning that i have taken a look at http://zophusx.byethost11.com/tutorial.php?lan=dx9&num=0 and im getting some good explainations form this site and im about to check out http://www.directxtutorial.com/.


i'll take any and all constructive advice, no answer too small rolleyes.gif

how to write a mind blowing Technical Design Document?

08 October 2013 - 12:40 AM

hey, heres my story, im learning C++ Gave Dev via a home study course, its a legitimate course offering an nationally recognised qualification, im now up to my first portfolio project (10 - 15 page TDD, not a GDD) and im stucker then bubble gum stuck to a rag....


does anyone have any recommended or go to links that they would pass on for me to find some sort of decent reference so i can gain some insight into what is included in a decent TDD, i have done a few google searches but i cant really find anything that is helping me get a grip of the situation.. 


any help of any kind is appreciated,


smile.png cheers fellas smile.png

C++ EXERCISE HELP (pancake challenge)

17 August 2013 - 05:17 AM

OK so here is my attempted code as you can see i am trying to somehow implement a way that i can join up the person who ate the most pancakes to their value of pancakes eaten, i have been bashing my face into the monitor for a few hours now and have finally conceded that i need help 

please could someone review my code and drop a few hints on how to make this work, 


Once the data has been entered the program must analyze the data and output which person ate the most pancakes for breakfast.
#include "iostream"
#include <stdio.h>

using namespace std;

int person[10]= { 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0}; 

// i have written out this structure with the intention of being able to print out the name of person an cakes eaten as one item
// i haven't implemented it anywhere within the code because i dont have a clue how too make it work the way that i want.

//structure to hold person data and cakes eaten
typedef struct personalDetails
char name[10];
int index;


void findHighest()
int highest = -1;
int tempA = -1;
int tempB = -1;

for(int index = 0; index < 10; index++)
tempA = person[index];
tempB = person[index + 1];

if(tempA > tempB)
highest = tempA; 

cout << highest << " was the most pancakes eaten\n"; // i need to some how edit this line to print out who ate the most

int main (int args, char* argv[]){

//user input and instruction screen
cout << "--------------------------------PANCAKE-O-MATIC--------------------------------\n\n";
cout << "-----------please enter the number of pancakes eaten by each person------------\n\n";

for(int index = 0;index < 10; index++)
cout << "how many did person" << " " << index + 1 << " eat? "; // i know i need to change something here so that the number of pancakes eaten
cin >> person[index],"\n";                                                        // is attached to the person eating them i.e person 1 ate 2, person 2 ate 4 etc
//sort function

}/*Write a program that asks the user to enter the number of pancakes eaten for breakfast by 10 different people (Person 1, Person 2, ..., Person 10)


What are offsets in SDL?

20 July 2013 - 10:05 AM

hi im teaching myself SDL via lazyfoos website and i keep coming across "offset" 
void apply_surface(int x, int y, SDL_Surface* source, SDL_Surface* destination )
  //Make a temporary rectangle to hold the offsets
  SDL_Rect offset;
  //Give the offsets to the rectangle
  offset.x = x; offset.y = y;
im obviously new to all this so please be gentle, im not sure what these actually mean or do? what am i offsetting? is it something to do with where its going to appear on the screen?
thanks in advance