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What are applications for wide range time of flight measurement?

07 April 2013 - 07:21 AM

What are possible applications for wide range time of flight measurement?


In the course of a university project we are currently involved in a new technology that captures environments and creates 3D models thereof. In particular, the technology offers the following benefits:

- Captures large areas of up to 32x32ft (or 10x10m)
- Offers precision of 0.03" (or 1mm)
- Detects motions in real-time with up to 1000fps (Response time: 1ms)

- Offers resolution of 640x480 (VGA) 
- Works independent of light (both bright and dark light conditions)

- Is resistent to interference due to HDDM (High Definition Distance Measurement) 

- Is portable (0.8"x0.8") 

- Consumes low power (50mW-500mW) 
- Captures an angle of 180°; when combining two modules 360° would be possible.

What application fields / problems could be relevant that would require operating in such large areas, at given precision and time resolution? We would be highly interested in applications or problems with focus on a rather large group of users.

Thank you in advance for your support!