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Turn-based combat in MMO

07 April 2013 - 08:19 AM

I'm just curious what you guys think about a mmo with turn based combat like final fantasy style? If you think it would work, how would you implement it? Would you have visible enemies in the over world and bumping into them takes you into turn-based mode invisible to players not in the battle? Would you render the combat in the over world clearly visible to other players? Would you just have "random encounters" that jump you into turn based mode?


I personally think the idea has potential, but I know a lot of people hate turn-based combat. I like turn based combat, but I do get annoyed being constantly sucked into fights when I'm on a mission or something and I don't really NEED to fight and turn based fights seem to take forever.


EDIT: I also think it's something new and hence my reason for this post. The MMO genre as of late seems to have gotten bland and lacking in innovation. Really needs some new ideas out there.