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Alex Dee

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#5051799 Am i too young ?

Posted by on 10 April 2013 - 06:07 AM

and am a semi proffesional EU halo player

Irrelevant to game development. I know there is a culture out there that believes you need to be an avid/pro gamer in order to be efficient at game development, but that is purely untrue. While I fully embrace the gamer culture and spend a lot of time playing games, I've been constantly in contact with tremendously efficient game developers that don't actually play games (and gamer-developers that are not efficient as well). Basically, there's simply no correlation there from my experience.


It IS required however, to understand gameplay. Playing a game does not guarantee you understand what makes it "tick".



>im wondering if im too young to start game developing for a simple game obviously

Coded my first game at age 9. From my perspective, you'd actually be too old ;)



I just want a break from the game atm.

If this is the intend, why not just choose a sport?

By choosing to delve into game development as a reaction to taking a break from a game, you'll probably end up designing a game that's very similar to the game you're playing, except, well, assessing everything you think is wrong with the game. A lot of bad ideas started that way smile.png



Ive been designing my game for a day or so just drawing weapons items and ect

If you're doing this to establish the background, that's fine, but if you're actually focusin on the actual weapons you'll see in the game, then you're doing things out of order. Designing low-level components (weapons for example) is creating content for a game. Normally, you create content to populate your game environment. From your post above, you've yet to create the game setting/gameplay/etc, so how can you insure your weapons will fill a purpose within that game ecosystem?



im going to learn C++ for the first time so what are your opinions on this

Go ahead. It will take a lot of time and effort, but its worth the try. Some people will advise to start with something smaller because there is a risk you will find it a steep learning curve, but at the same time, it will instantly let you know if this is something you have the patience for.



im also working on this by my own because my friend thinks its a waste of time;he also is a semi proffesional EU halo player.

Congrats, you have just made the first step towards being a game developer: no one around you will seem to "get" why you're struggling with this. So long as its relevant to you, keep going at it.


wow this community is so helpful thankyou very much :)
I've recently got with a group of people from this website and i am now there concept artist for weapons and maybe armour.