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#5225558 Finally! C# Interactive Unity Tutorial Series

Posted by on 25 April 2015 - 08:09 PM


Twitter: @DGIStudents
Hi Everyone,
If you're like myself, you learn by doing. It's as simple as that. How many tutorials have you watched, that you just follow along, type the code they type, and then as soon as a blank page is in front of you, you have no idea where to start?
I'm here to fix this. Many of us have seen the numerous amounts of tutorials out there. They all go over what we are doing. They even explain what we are doing while we follow the tutorial. But for some reason, if you were to take the code you have on screen, and just hit CNTRL A and DELETE, you will not be able to replicate what you just did from scratch. And here's why. IT'S NOT INTERACTIVE!!
Interactive tutorials allow you to understand and try the experiment without spoon feeding you!
I have made a series of short and simple interactive tutorial videos for you all. Please go ahead and give them a try. You'll be surprised how quickly you will have learned compared to what else is out there.
You can also request tutorials. My tutorials will help you understand the terminology of the script we are writing, and how you would go about creating it from scratch YOURSELF.
Here are the links to each Playlist:
Jonathan Weinberger