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College Considerations

25 September 2013 - 07:18 PM

Hello everyone!


I'm currently a second year college student with my current major as Computational Mathematics. I've kind of lost interest in the math side, though I'm still only in Calculus. The future courses required for my major include Linear Algebra, Discrete Math, Graph Theory, etc. I also have a bunch of required CS classes that I'll have to take.


My interest has shifted to Game development, specifically the programming side. I've been teaching myself some programming the past couple years, so I'm ahead of my peers. I have yet to actually make any games, though. I have a couple of ideas, and I'm fleshing out the ideas. However, no actual coding work has been done. I figure this is what I should work on. One big thing that really demotivated me recently was a talk I had with my professor. I told him I'd been teaching myself and was currently reading Bjourne Stroustrup's latest C++ book (4th ed.). He ended up recommending that I wait to learn CS concepts and whatnot in classes, instead of teaching myself. That kind of seemed unprofessional to me: stifling a student's drive to go above and beyond.


With my main interests shifting, I've been considering switching to either CS or Software Engineering. The school offers a Game Design and Development degree, but I would feel a lot safer with either the CS or SE degree. I don't know specifically what I want to do as a career. I'm kind of shying away from a Game Dev career, and right now I think I'd rather keep it as a hobby.


Because of personal circumstances, I had to leave my first year of college mid-way through. This significantly affected my GPA and the amount of courses I've actually completed. As such, I didn't attend the career fair that took place at my university. A mistake most likely, though I knew I didn't have a chance with any companies. This also means I probably won't be able to switch majors for at least two more semesters, in order to pull my GPA up.


Currently I know a bit of Python and Java, the basics of C#, and was just starting to learn C++ when I had the conversation with my professor. I kind of feel as if I should focus on either C# or C++ for developing my own games. I think the games would go along nicely with school projects as things I could show off to potential employers.



So, my questions to you guys.


What would you recommend for me moving forward with college? I may change and want to enter the Game Dev industry, but that's not something I can answer now. I don't know how a Comp Math degree would look or what I would be expected to have knowledge of or work on in games. I'm interested in AI, so I think it may be a fit. Right now, I'm not interested in low level systems, though again anything may change.


I also think it would be pertinent to have a personal website. I don't have any web skills, and am not really interested in web design particularly. As such, it seems it would be best if I went with a website or something that has prebuilt templates and such. Easier and automated content creation. Can anyone recommend something like this?


Would you recommend one language over another for working in mainly for now? If so, what tools are available as benefits?

C++ IDE/Compiler

25 August 2013 - 07:24 PM

Hello all!


I'm beginning to delve into C++, and recently ordered this book (due to arrive Wednesday, the 28th). I realize that C++11 has some of the latest and greatest features, and would definitely like to start with that as a base, unless completely recommended against.


I have access to VS2012 and 2013 (Up to and including Ultimate) through the Dreamspark program. I'm also not afraid of installing any Linux distros if that would be better suited for accessing C++11 features. 


I know VS2012 doesn't support all the new features (and I don't think any compilers really do all the features, yet). When I tried googling, I couldn't find anything really mentioning VS2013's support for it that also compared to other IDEs and compiler.


I'm looking for any recommendations on how to proceed here. What do you use for your IDE/Compiler?





Death and Mining in a 2D Top Down RPG

16 July 2013 - 09:53 PM

EDIT: Accidentally posted in Technical GD instead of Creative GD section. Please move.


Hello all!



I'm trying to find a rather realistic approach to death in my game. The idea was to have no magic, which eliminated resurrection in the classical sense. It's more medieval, so no respawning in a laboratory.


The only idea I can come up with in that regard is having the player respawn in a holy place (church, graveyard, etc) by the gods' will. I want the punishment of death to be the loss of all items on the player.


On to the mining aspect.


I've been attempting to devise a method of mining for the game I'm working on. Mining is a rather integral part of the skill system (and hence the economy system), though I'm unable to figure out a proper way to handle it.


My original thoughts were possibly something akin to Runescape, with specific mining nodes and areas. However, I don't want the ore to be easy to get in large quantities. My second idea was akin to WoW's method, where nodes are generated in the world, and respawn every once in a while. However, that too gives the player the ability to grind out large quantities of ore.


Then the idea of having pockets of ore available to mine that were sparse popped up. However, this would require the player to move further and further out into the world as time progressed, which could be an issue.


The idea I'm currently working with is instancing (?) of caves, where the cave entrance is generated naturally (low chance, obviously) and the player has to enter these areas. These caves would hold the pockets of ore above, and be (nearly) endless. However, the further in the player went, the better chance of better ores, but also the more dangerous the caves can become (due to enemies, cave-ins, etc).

Launcher, User Authentication, Update Downloading

08 April 2013 - 04:34 PM

Hello everyone!


Before I start, I would like to mention that I know my away around programming general applications and the like in C#. It's my intended language for the game I'm planning.


I'm currently planning out a Sandbox RPG style game, devoid of any story lines. The plan is to use a Client-Server model, where a player will spawn a server to handle all of the computations and logic for the game, and the client will handle the rendering, audio playback, and user input. The reason behind this is to allow for easy locally-hosted multiplayer.


However, I'm still in the planning stages and things are subject to change. I'm still planning out a lot of the main game content, but I'm also working on selective implementation details. I plan on starting with a basic Launcher for the game, through which a player will Login using a created account and be able to download the game and its updates. The Launcher will also be providing other data, such as news.


I'm stuck with planning the implementation details of the server, as it's not something I've encountered before. Basically, I need to figure out how to approach an authentication server based on created user accounts, and how to accurately distribute the latest updates of my game to the user base.


Also, I figure I'm going to have to host this stuff somewhere professionally. I would only need the Authentication server running full time, and the ability to download the game files directly from there. No idea how to approach that, either.


Feel free to ask me more questions if you don't understand what I'm saying.