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In Topic: Could you check a quality of the translation to Spanish language?

09 April 2013 - 02:08 PM

El sitio web de la red social “Odnoklassniki” odnoklassniki.ru dejo de funcionar en la tarde del jueves, 4 de abril. Los servicios Down For Everyone Or Just Me y HostTracker confirman problemas con el acceso a “Odnoklassniki”.
En la pagina principal de la red social se muestra el banner que dice que se estan realizando trabajos tecnicos en el sitio. Se ofrece visitar el sitio web mas tarde.
Como informo en su cuenta de Twitter la portavoz de la red social “Odnoklassniki”, Maria Lapuk, la causa de mal funcionamiento del sitio web es fallo del equipo. Disminuyo tambien suposiciones sobre un ataque DDoS. En el comentario a "Lenta.ru" la portavoz afirmo que hay algunos problemas con el equipo que se estan resolviendo.
“Odnoklassniki” es uno de los sitios web mas populares en el segmento ruso de la red. Segun datos de Liveinternet su audiencia diaria supera los 39 millones de usuarios.


Hi guys.


I'm new around here, so hello to everyone. I am a Spanish native speaker and also a translator, so I can give you a hand with this...


As klefebz said, there are some acentos ortográficos, a.k.a. tildes, missing. Also, there are errors in the way it was written. A Spanish speaker do understands what is written, but will find odd some words.




Los servicios Down For Everyone Or Just Me y HostTracker confirman problemas con el acceso a “Odnoklassniki”.


Since the text was mainly written in a past tense, every single verb should match that. So, instead of "confirman", he should have written "confirmaron".


Se ofrece visitar el sitio web mas tarde.


This also sounds odd, because we as Spanish speakers, do not separate phrases as much as you do. We tend to link them. This one is too short for us.


And some more...


But as I said. Reading it, I do understand what he wanted to say. Nevertheless, you realize it is a translation.