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Bring back daylight to a world that has none.

12 November 2013 - 06:22 AM

Its called Hub Sweet Hub.

Collect all the orbs, stick to the flower path, avoid enemies and run back to your hub.

Here's the demo:



Teaser trailer:



this is considerably my first actual project,

i'd appreciate any feedback!





How much should i pay our Animator?

11 September 2013 - 05:14 AM



We're recruiting an Animator to join our team and im not sure about how to divide the Animation payment per task.


For our 3D Artists its payment per level assets.

For code its level based as well,


Although since animations are loop-able and we're reusing rigs and models, i have no idea how to divide her payment and i dont want to risk making her over-work or under-work.

Anyone has any tips on how could i break this down?


for simplicity's sake, lets say the game is 10 levels and its $10 per task.

Taking almost ALL the credit?

26 May 2013 - 05:53 PM

Long story short,


i work with a small team and i find it odd how i'm doing almost "everything" (i absolutely love working on the project, not complaining) and i personally think im going to look a little silly on the credit screen.


The team's composed of a Concept Artist, a Character Animator, and an Environmental Modeler.


My credit is going to look like this:


Creative Director, Game Designer, Level Designer, Programmer, Marketing, Project Manager, Writer, Web, Composer, Additional Modeling and Character Animation.


We're all doing good progress with the game, i frankly would hate to complete a game and see this wall of arrogance in the credits, should i wipe this all out and just say "Creative Director"?


im not sure what to do and i need help from people who have been in a somewhat simular situation, thanks guys!


sorry for the silly post.

Poly Count for a Standalone game?

14 April 2013 - 07:49 AM

Hey, im developing a 1st person game for the PC and i can't seem to find anything online that would really help me in figuring out where my poly counts should be.


  •  Engine: Unity.
  •  Platform: PC stand alone.
  •  Genre: Puzzle Adventure.


One of the core goals is to immerse the player into the atmosphere of the game, so graphics is a priority we're trying to keep.

While we were modeling props we thought are 300 polys really fine for a single door that would be multiplied over the environment?

or a 200 poly window? or if the House the player is going to play in is 5,200?


Sometimes i think that there isn't really a "concrete" answer to this question and that we need to find out ourselves...oh lol i expect that anyway, but i'll appreciate what i can get.


Thanks for reading!

Visual coding (does it make you look stupid?)

09 April 2013 - 05:22 PM

Hey, so I'm everything but a coder and for years I couldn't find a dedicated coder so I decided to invest my time and money on learning a visual code tool called playmaker in the unity4 engine.

I'm around 3 months into it and 5 into the game I'm working on with my team and I'm the only person that makes logic and actions happen in game, am I considered a coder? Because as much as I love visual coding it cripples real code, am I allowed to put myself as "game designer & coder" at the end credits?

People on my team recommend getting a real coder, I'm making good progress on the code for the game and they see that and tend to be impressed although should I stop what I'm doing and get a real coder? Is it a waste of time? I think I can do this, at least for this game.