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Leadwerks Developer Blog > Leadwerks 3 Tutorial: Building a First-Person Shooter

Posted 26 April 2013

http://i39.tinypic.com/2lly4up.png    It may have taken a few weeks but the "Building a First-Person Shooter" tutorial series is finally up and running.In this multiple part series we will build a FPS from the ground up using Leadwerks 3 and Visual Studios 2010 C++.Part 1.0 is all about creating a room and covers:   Using brushes to sketch out a roomMater...

Leadwerks Developer Blog > Native Code Tutorials

Posted 14 April 2013

Between the release of LE3 and the GDC, life at Leadwerks has been busy to say the least. Now that things have settled down (a little) it is time for something that I have been looking forward to for a while: Tutorials!  At GDC we were constantly talking about the power and flexibility that direct native code programming allows and how users are not locke...