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In Topic: what is the origin of your nickname/Internet handle?

24 March 2015 - 12:51 PM

Once upon a time when I need a new nick.

I wanted it to be named after a character from a fantasy novel I had read, but could really remember the full name and spelling.

Instead I ended up with Althea (later I remembered the name I was looking for was Althalus).

Then I actually changed it to Althia, because Althea was taken when I played WoW.

But Althia was already taken in here and thus I return to Althea ;)


But all other forums and such where I am active, my nick is still Althia.

In Topic: Is this concerning or just laughable?

10 March 2015 - 02:15 PM

Here is a recent study that shows women appear to be flocking to video game degrees more than STEM degrees. http://www.higheredgames.org/content/pdfs/2015%20HEVGA%20Survey%20Results.pdf


Opinion: Maybe women really do find STEM boring and are more interested in game development. 


I still think the three Factual Feminist videos I linked to are worth watching and only about 6 or so minutes. They won't change anyone's mind, but still interesting to watch.

28% of all students starting at DTU (Danish Technical University) in 2012 were woman.
In the high end we have the Bio Technology line where over 50% are woman.
In the low end we have software technology with only about 10% woman.

I really dont think that woman in general find science, math and so on boring ;)