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In Topic: Fez like 3D engine.

07 May 2014 - 08:22 PM

They are most likely are just using cubes, nothing fancy, which every 3d engine will handle.


A 3d engine will never be simple, it is a complex piece of software, but an engine could be more accessible. But to just render a simple cube (first steps into 3d rendering), I would recomment to start with some simple OpenGL or DirectX (these are the two major 3d rendering APIs to utliize the videocard rendering power) demos/turorials.


Here is a good, simple, OpenGL based, C++ based start: Nehe Legacy Tutorials


Yes, that are legacy tutorials (because there are newer versions of opengl available), but it is still a good learning source to get in first contact with 3d rendering. Once you have learned enough, you can switch to a newer API.

ah, Ok, I understand more now knowing that it's nothing super fancy, just something basic. Thank you for your help.


On the other hand


Im going to start with OpenGL because I know SDL very well, so I've been told OpenGL is a good direction to head in.

but what does DirectX offer over OpenGL?

In Topic: Expression must have class type?

08 April 2014 - 04:49 PM


No map is not a global variable.


Then where is it defined? It isn't in the header of CSprite that you posted. And however it is defined, it is unlikely that &name.member[][] makes sense.


Oh, I see what your saying. You are correct I never defined it in the header to be used across both of those functions. im going to try to make a struct named map with int tile in it. Is there a better way to do this?

In Topic: Expression must have class type?

07 April 2014 - 06:35 PM

Yes, clearly this:


fscanf(Map, "%d", &Map.tile[y][x]);


and this


&Map.tile[y][x] != 0


Are the problems. Could the OP please clarify exactly where the map data is supposed to be being stored? There seems nothing in the Sprite class to store this info, perhaps Map is a global variable? If so, you are shadowing it with the local Map in the load method. But I can't think of any implementation of the global that would make the syntax as posted meaningful.


[On another note] There is no point putting those #define's inside the class like that. They won't be contained in the class namespace. You'd be far better to use static const members, but I'm not sure why these are being defined inside a Sprite class since they relate to the map anyway. There is some confusion going on here with naming of things I think.

Sorry to everyone wondering where the it's actually throwing the error, I posted this before I went to bed and kinda spaced it. Both of those lines are throwing the error. I'm not to confident on using #defines, as Im not very familiar with them, so if there is a better way to achieve my goal, i'm more than open to suggestions/ideas or tuts.  No map is not a global variable. This is being done in the sprite class because I didn't want to create any unnecessary classes. 

In Topic: beginners pong in unity

29 March 2014 - 01:49 PM

The AI is a bit glitchy but tough to beat


I might just be really bad at pong, but I played for probably an half an hour and only beat the AI once, maybe it follows the ball a bit to well? However other than sound affects seeming a bit loud, everything seemed to work fine and I experienced only a couple bugs, the AI kinda glitches up and down, but I think you already knew that one, however this is difficult to explain. http://puu.sh/7Ok2J/cd2b0f8f51.gif

The ball got moving so fast, I believe it pushed the AI off screen, eventually he was playing while off screen, and the game slowed down terribly bad.

If that doesn't download let me know, puush doesn't like gifs sometimes.

In Topic: Help me choose - which dev tool to use for a 2.5d game?

23 March 2014 - 08:02 PM

I also downloaded Unity ages ago and thought it seemed geared towards 3D only, but I'm reading all sorts of things about the newer 2D capabilities it now has in 4.3, so that would definitely be something to consider.


I think unity is a great option for what you are looking for. I delved into 4.3 not to long ago, and I think that it did a lot of what people wanted from it. Im unsure, but I think c# is most recommended language for use with unity scripts. As far as im aware though, It may be the only one but i'm not completely positive. In the end though, with your C# exp, and unities tools being right there, I think it would be a great thing to work with as long as you enjoy it. 




Hi all, I want to create a game that works in 2.5/pseudo 3d,


Do you want 2.5D or pseudo 3D. From my experiences 2.5D would be like little big planet/New Super Mario Bros, where as pseudo 3D would be a 3d effect made by 2d sprite, as in something like world runner, and that type of fake 3D. There is also Isometric, which is again kinda like a fake 3D, but still looks better in a 3D world than a pseudo 3D effect.



was something more akin to LittleBigPlanet, which isn't exactly what I'm trying to do.


Are you sure? because thats pretty much 2.5D physics for ya, In a 2.5D world, you can basically have 3 layers. your front, your middle, and your back. these in order done right will give you that 2.5D effect. Take a look at Beatbuddy:Tale of the Guardians. This game used unity and did so perfectly.  This is the best example of basic 2.5D I could find. Once you really have a hard grasp on how you want it to look, decide whether or not unity would be best for you.


All in all, I think unity is the best option here, Im not trying to discourage you from starting from scratch, but unity is a very powerfull and time saving tool if you know what you are doing. And while 4.3's tools are still new, tutorials will come up eventually, and messing around with the ui on your own to see what does what will also help. there are some Unity made tutorials on their website related to these tools.