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In Topic: Looking for an engine for a 2d action RPG.

19 February 2016 - 06:21 PM

Our programmer is not willing to make an entire engine from scratch. Our programmer also needed my assurance that they wouldn't have to code everything by themselves (which means another team member learning C) to join the project in the first place. (Makes enough sense. Every other role has at least two people who can do it.) So, no. That's not happening. Certainly not for this game, probably not ever.

In Topic: Looking for an engine for a 2d action RPG.

05 February 2016 - 10:32 PM

Fine. I'll add Unity to the list.


Listen, my experience with Unity amounts to three months in 2011. That was in a project that got one other member and went nowhere. We got stuck on multiple hitboxes and there was no information available ANYWHERE on the subject, at all, leading us to believe it just couldn't be done. And since that was almost five years ago, maybe it couldn't at the time. So we dropped it like a skirt and moved to UDK instead, which since we were making an FPS/RPG at the time already had most of the FPS framework in place and was very easy to start installing the RPG side of it. That project died because we never got a modeller, but during our time with Unity we got extremely frustrated with it, especially since both of us had 99% of our coding experience (which was already harshly limited) with Javascript and Monodevelop hates it. (Actually, monodevelop was just frustrating in general.)


Now, if I was to select Unity, here's a question. Since I can supposedly do multiple hitboxes, could I prioritize hitboxes, so if you hit one of them hitting others doesn't count? For example, prioritize the torso hitbox so if an attack passes through the leg hitbox before it reaches the torso it counts as hitting the torso, but if it hits only the leg hitbox it can still register a leg hit? (Actually, prioritizing body shots is the only thing I really need that for.) I want it to be easier to hit somebody in the torso than any other part of their body, and if I can't prioritize the hitboxes than literally any other part of their body would be easier to hit, because their hitboxes block all access to the torso.

In Topic: Looking for an engine for a 2d action RPG.

05 February 2016 - 09:26 AM

What makes you say that?

Going through the list:

1. Unity is a 3d engine, not 2d. You can fake 2d in it, if you're doing a sidescroller, but that's still faking it *and* this isn't a sidescroller.

2. Using sprites for *everything* in Unity is just not going to happen. And I do mean *everything*. I gave two links on what we're trying to make it look like, more or less. We'd lose Unity about the point we made a sprite and tried to tell it that's the floor.

3. Real-time combat, at least, it can do. In fact, I reckon it'd be a lot harder to do turn-based combat in Unity than real-time.

4. Now, I didn't spend much time in Unity last time I tried game development (I never got a team together, and moved to Unreal while I was waiting), but I couldn't find one person who could tell me how to give an object multiple hitboxes. And funny,I just got off Steam where I was trying an FPS made in Unity. Oddly, they didn't have headshots, a nearly universal FPS trope. Kinda makes me think multiple hitboxes is impossible in Unity, or at the very least is so hard to do that the devs of that game couldn't figure it out.

5. This might not be impossible, but the entire system would need to be completely built from the ground up in Unity. There isn't even a basic framework present for the existence of stats. In fact, there's no framework available for any RPG mechanics. Or the mechanics of any other genre, really. That isn't a problem if you're making a simplistic mobile "game" that barely has any mechanics, but for a REAL game, you'll want a more specialized engine.

6. See above.


Unity was the first thing I looked at, both for this project and for the one that went nowhere. If I wanted to give up that much, I would just make the game as a mod and save a lot of time. I'd reach a wider audience, too.

In Topic: Looking for an engine for a 2d action RPG.

05 February 2016 - 08:32 AM

New to creating games, mainly modders.

Solution: Use Unity.


Only if you have ignored literally every other word in the post.

In Topic: Isometric turn-based RPG/TBS (WIP)

08 December 2015 - 11:00 PM

Hey, so, before I begin I'd like to apologize for taking so long to reply. I missed your comment entirely.

Unless the game your making is heavy on story like JRPG's, you should keep the game lore to a minimum.
I found that stretching a small amount of back story works better than a long, detailed one.

Sounds like somebody's never played The Elder Scrolls. Or Fallout. Pillars of Eternity, or Knights of the Old Republic, or most western RPGs, really. Lore is kindof a big deal, even in the more simplistic seeming ones. Even FABLE has hundreds of pages of lore, and it's the most dumbed-down RPG on the planet. It is kinda expected at this point. 

If you wan't unique characters make them truly unique, something small like a different name or small stats will be overlooked and neglected.

Not really. Also, this is primarily for immersion. It's a lot easier to buy into the idea of these units being characters when they aren't all carbon-copies of eachother. If you order twelve musketeers and every one of them is exactly alike, it breaks the immersion. But if you order twelve musketeers, and yet four of them are women, one of them is only thirteen, one is wearing a gambeson instead of a buff coat and a few are elves or hobgoblins, and when selected they all have names, that will keep the illusion going that these are actual milita men, actually conscripted from the area.

If you want to have only slightly different stats for balance then consider the level mechanic. With leveling if a player uses a unit a lot they increase in level and become even more unique and important to the player, while still allowing for game fodder characters.

 Did I say they couldn't level? Your units *can* level.

Don't add a mechanic that isn't important to your game, not only because it wastes time, because players will almost always take the path of least resistance.

These mechanics ARE important. You will be doing a LOT of travelling without your army, and a LOT of travelling with it. It may not be exactly 50-50, probably more like 75-25, but you will be getting into battles on a fairly regular basis later on in the game, but also can't be marching around with an entire company all the time.